Rodney King arrested again

According to this article, Rodney King is having some police trouble again. Apparently he caused a disturbance at a clothing store and when cops showed up, they discovered King had outstanding misdemeanor warrants. And this isn’t King’s second brush with the law.

King has had at least nine brushes with the law since the infamous videotaped beating — including arrests based on allegations of DUI and hit-and-run, indecent exposure, assault, and drug use.

I don’t want to make a judgement call here, but nine brushes with the law? I’m sure he holds a grudge against law enforcement, but wouldn’t it make a nicer life to just avoid doing things that call police attention?

5 thoughts on “Rodney King arrested again”

  1. I don’t know. He is the one black man in all of Los Angeles who is guaranteed to not be beaten by the police. :)

  2. Snoop Dog: now there’s someone who is just asking for trouble. why, why would you think that in this day and age cocain and a handgun would be good things to take to the airport…

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