Los Angeles: 2106

Can you imagine what Los Angeles will be like in 100 years? I sometimes imagine how it looked and felt like to live here in 1906… and realize there is no way in hell I could have foreseen this immense city and the culture that has evolved into being LA. Much less come up with a design that would hold it’s crazy growth. But there are people who actually have that vision and you can check out their ideas next week.

If you want to see some interesting architectural projections of what our fair city may turn into, stop by Tuesday, December 12th at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art around noon. LACMA is hosting The History Channel’s competition event called “The City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge in Los Angeles”. Top architects and engineers design their future vision of LA. It’s a contest, and the winner will get a check from The History Channel for ten thousand big ones. Some top firms, including Predock Frane, Office of Mobile Design and Xefirotarch (to name just a few) will be displaying models so it might be pretty cool if you like architecture.

One thought on “Los Angeles: 2106”

  1. Actually, Predock Frane had to bow out, Griffin Enright Architects aave taken their place.
    It should be a very interesting exhibit.

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