Itty Bitty Wildlife

The leaves on the trees in my backyard are falling. There are a few trees that don’t lose their leaves, but must curiously is my Orchid Tree which has some errant blooms. This morning I was suprised to find this spider inside one of the flowers.

(If you’re not fond of spiders, don’t click, it only gets worse at 800 pixels across.)

Yes, I like spiders.

8 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Wildlife”

  1. Jill – I think it might be a green lynx spider, but I’m just saying that because it’s green. I didn’t get a good look at its abdomen (I was kind of holding the camera over my head).

  2. It looks like some kind of strange, mutant hybrid grasshopper spider. And yeah, that would be the technical term.

  3. Yes, you have a Green Lynx spider. They are harmless and keep the bugs under control (like mosquitoes). I have a number of them around my native garden over in the Miracle Mile area.

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