Hollywood Parking Elf Gives Gifts

There are times when parking in this city can drive me into an endless whirl of irritation. I know, I know… that’s exactly the time to practice a Zen approach to parking (imagine the open spot and it will appear… breathe!) but there are days when circling the block seems endless. And hopeless.
Then, when I do find a spot, I know I have to be hyper-vigilent about minding the time, because the parking meter attendents are merciless. They are circle like hawks, waiting to swoop down the second the arrow turns red… and I swear I’ve seen them patiently waiting for the ticker to turn so they can write the ticket. I have countless stories of coming out with a minute to spare and there they were, starting the ticket. No amount of cajoling, sweet-talking or bitter threats seems to sway them a bit. They are trained well, almost like robots, because they rarely flinch and just keep on keepin’ on. The nerve!

Well, it looks like I have to stop calling them parking Nazi’s and cut them a little slack. They really are human. Today, as I walked out to my car from lunch, I sensed that I had better get my ass to the meter pronto and sigh(!) there he was, whipping out his little computer and looking at my license plate. My heart sank. I ran over waving my arms and begged. He looked at me and smiled and said, “Okay, as long as you’re leaving now, I’ll just put this away.” I almost kissed him, I was so grateful! That’s a first! NEVER have I been able to slip past a ticket when they were there getting ready to write one. It really is almost Christmas in Hollywood!

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Parking Elf Gives Gifts”

  1. Once they start the ticket, they aren’t allowed to stop. Which really kind of sucks, but I guess the policy is there to prevent bribary or somesuch.

  2. lucky you!
    i once got a ticket for no front plate while parked in j-town, on christmas nite! and the ticket writer post-dated it as occuring 10:30am on the 26th! so they could sleep in??? grumpy about working on a holiday? (this was a hand-written ticket.)
    and yes, i’ve spoken with some friendly ones too. not to put everyone in the same box.

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