What Neighborhood Is My New Apartment In?


The boyfriend and I have finished our Quest for Housing! We were welcomed yesterday to our new building, a recently remodeled apartment from the 1920s. We started last month, and looked at a lot of places last weekend, and are happy that we have finally found a place we absolutely love.

However, we’re not quite sure where to tell people we live. There’s a screenshot of the Google map, above, which can be clicked on to go to the original Gmap page. According to a City of Los Angeles district map, we’re just over the border of Westlake. But that map doesn’t have all the neighborhoods the Wikipedia list does, and it’s been suggested by 5000! that we’re just inside the Historic Filipinotown borders.

Whatever it is, I’ve noticed that as soon as I say, “Hoover”, people look shocked or concerned. Then I have to clarify, “no, no, not THAT part of Hoover, the part up by the 101, almost in Silverlake”. Then I cop out and say, “we’re Silverlake adjacent”. The blocks around the building are actually just quiet streets lined with 1920s bungalows. Any bars that are still on windows are clearly older, indicating that no-one has felt the need to put bars up for years, and that the crime is lessening. It may not have been a low-crime district ten years ago, but it struck us as one now.

So that’s why I need help figuring out what neighborhood I live in. Hoover, apparently, conjures up association with the neighborhood by USC. Maybe if I figure out what neighborhood I live in, I won’t have to explain that there are, indeed, quiet residential streets east of La Brea when I’m talking to my Westside friends.

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  1. A-ha. According to the CD13 site, “The area bounded by Hoover St., Glendale Blvd, Beverly Blvd., and the 101 Freeway has been designated ‘Historic Filipnotown,’ or ‘Hi-Fi’ for the locals. It is the first of its kind in the nation.”

    So, guess you’re not in HIFi. I think that means you’re officially in Westlake, but nobody ever says that and nobody that I’ve met ever knows what Westlake is except for real estate brokers. If you just say “We live near the Intersection of Doom” everybody will know what you mean.

  2. I used to live in City Heights two blocks west from you. For those in Mid City I would tell them I lived in northeast Korea Town. For those on the West Side I told them south of Silver Lake…which interprets to East LA for all they care! Never heard of HiFi. Good luck explaining that one to anyone outside a two block radius.

  3. My trusty Thomas Guide says the closest neighborhood designation is Westlake. BTw, did you notice that the page in Thomas Guide that includes your new digs – P 634 – is one city, has eight neighborhood designations and 20 zip codes? Crazy.

  4. Jillian:

    You raise an often thorny issue which impacts our office on an hourly basis – and for which there sadly seems no easy and consistent solution.

    I have been known to describe that neighborhood as:

    – “west or northwest of Downtown”
    – “Rampart”
    – “North Lafayette Park”
    – “north of Lafayette Park”
    – “Los Angeles”

    …and have heard others in both social and quasi-official capacity call it:

    – “west of MacArthur Park”
    – “northwest of Macarthur Park”
    – “far south end of Silver Lake”
    – “Mid-Wilshire”

    …and the peculiar:

    – “South Belleveue”
    – “East Beverly”

    Regretfully, there has been no one (yet) at City Hall able to help our well-meaning staff get to the bottom of this issue, to which my trademark salutation is often attached:

    “From San Pedro to Sylmar, from Eagle Rock to Woodland Hills, its ALL the City of Los Angeles”

    Again, thanks for bringing this anachronistic matter to light.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  5. I pass by that area every day on the drive home… it’s too north to be part of Koreatown, and too south to be Silver Lake… it’s close to all the signs that say Virgil Village…
    I would tell people you’re close to that new bizarre, fortress-like yellow-and-grey high school that sits in the median between Temple and Silver Lake.

  6. SoHo = SOuth of HOuston
    NoHo = NOrth HOllywood
    WeHo = WEst HOllywood

    Filipinotown and Silverlake Adjacent??? = SiFi

  7. Brian – your response is wonderfully thorough, and much much appreciated.

    Fred – SiFi? I love it. I think we should start that right here and make it a trend.

  8. That’s it – we will use the power of the Intarweb to make SiFi my new neighborhood. As soon as it takes off on blogging.la, I’ll add it to Wikipedia, thereby changing all wikiality.

  9. Ok. Sorry to always show up so late in the conversation. Good comments so far, though.

    In my limited experience, I would say you are in the historic Westlake neighborhood. Today, though, that area has a hard time “defining” itself as so many of the communities in the City have done. Now, interestingly, Councilman Ed Reyes of CD1 is working on renaming this area through the new process. This should help in the future or at least raise the issue that this part of the City is not clearly defined.

    Remember, as Brian says, it’s all Los Angeles. Be confident you live in a great city, no matter what your neighborhood is known as. At least one thing is for sure: you’re not in the Westside nor the Eastside!

  10. I would say Historic Filipinotown Adjacent, but SiFi is cool too. Many of your neighbors are probably Latino and Filipino.

  11. This is one of the retarded things about our city’s government. They have not done enough to help define and create distinctive neighborhoods like other more enlightened cities have done – so you end up with orphaned areas like the otherwise fine place you’ve chosen to live in.

  12. Historically, the neighborhood around you has been known as “Rampart.”
    I met a guy who said he lived in Silverlake and in fact lived near where you do now. To call that neighborhood Silverlake is wishful thinking. But then again, look how all the hipsters stole the term “The Eastside.” If you’re not from LA, I guess you’re allowed to make up your own neighborhoods.

  13. Not Wilshire Center as you are just east of it. I think the only “official” description as someone pointed out, is Westlake, whatever the hell that is.

  14. You live in an area that is right now being contested by a couple different neighborhood councils seeking to get accredited–one is Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council and one is Rampart Village Neighborhood Council (the Westlake Neighborhood Council at one point claimed it but I believe they no longer do). Technically, in the past, you have been part of Wilshire Center, but not many people use that name. Since you are south of what is formally Historic Filipinotown (Hi-Fi), some residents I know have called that area Lower Filipinotown (Lo-Fi), but we probably will have to see which neighborhood council asserts jurisdiction and gets recognized by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. If you are interested in getting in touch with either group, please call my office–all the information is at http://www.cd13.com and the wonderful Joseph Bernardo is your field deputy.

  15. Since you are south of what is formally Historic Filipinotown (Hi-Fi), some residents I know have called that area Lower Filipinotown (Lo-Fi)

    Holy shit, that’s f’ing awesome. I’m so calling that area Lo-Fi from now on.

    the wonderful Joseph Bernardo is your field deputy.

    I can attest to Joe’s wonderfulness.

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