What is it?

It’s Crispin Glover’s new movie and it’s opening this weekend at American Cinematheque. The movie is described as “Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are snails, salt, a pipe, and how to get home. As tormented by an hubristic, racist inner psyche.” And Glover plays “the Dueling Demi-God Auteur and The young man’s inner psyche.” I personally can’t wait!

Last month San Francisco metblogger Darren Mckeeman interviewed Crispin Glover when he was up north. This weekend, you have your own chance to experience him yourself.

American Cinematheque has graciously offered two tickets to their Friday night screening of What is it? How do you win these tickets? Share your own Crispin Glover story. Here are a few Crispin memories from us.

Michele spotted him once in Gold’s Gym:

I saw him once at the Gold’s Gym in Hollywood. He was awkwardly using the stairclimber. Not the one that’s got, like, little feet on it, but the one that’s actually stairs on a conveyor belt. He just kept desperately lunging forward, going nowhere. I was in love.

glover.jpgWill remembers Crispin from High School:

With all this Crispin talk, I had to throw in my two pixels worth about my fellow high school classmate in the form of the only photo of him in the 1982 Beverly Hills High School yearbook, in which he’s pictured in a scene from the school’s spring musical “West Side Story.” If memory serves I believe he played Officer Krupke. The semi-
highlighted caption reads “Crispin Glover commands authority.” Indeed.

My own story spanned back when I was a married woman. The X and I were obsessed with Crispin. Somehow he tracked down Crispin’s phone number. We were ordering RatCatcher – one of Crispin’s “modified” books. When he called the number to order the book Crispin’s mom answered and said “let me have Crispin call you back. I’m making him a sandwich. I’m his mother.”

Colleen noted about finding Crispin’s phone number

Not too hard, if you were checking in the early-mid-’90s: he was listed in the LA phone book. I know. I checked :-)

Do you have a good Crispin story? Do you want free tickets to Friday’s show? Then respond in the comments. Come Friday morning we’ll have a winner! I’ll also burn you a CD with some of Crispin’s “songs”. And see ya at the show!

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  1. This isn’t much of a story, so I don’t expect free tickets (couldn’t use them anyway), BUT I stood in line behind him at the Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria.

  2. Hmmm….summer of 88. Crispin and I were both considerably younger men. Any given weekend night found the Sunset Strip over run with the hair metal crowd. While I wasn’t a regular, I was no stranger to the scene. My then awkward pretty boy looks and collar bone length hair gained me acceptance to an array of shredders, wanna-bees, poseurs and lusty girls who happened to be rocking not instruments but big crunchy hair.

    While I never felt it a necessity to drink when out in those daze (unlike most of these nights), part of my Heavy Metal Sunset Strip ritual was visiting Gil Turners at Sunset & Doheny for a Nestle Crunch ice cream cone. It was outside this shop one fine evening I stood well shampooed, booted up in alligator and snacking on this frozen confectionary that I encountered Mr. Glover.

    I had actually spied him racing up Sunset Boulevard just moments earlier on an old bicycle. It was very similar to the one my dad rode in high school. You know the kind that are starting to be back in vogue again, mustache or straight bars, fixed gear, Brooks saddle etc.

    He stopped for a moment, curbside with his steed. Looking like a man out of time, he was very well dressed. At that point in my life I would be easy to confuse eccentric with just plain old cool. It was here that I, while out looking for Tawny Kitaen but settling for ice cream, dispensed with a couple of pleasantries. Sweating profusely, he seemed rather nervous but graciously put up with my innocuous mutterings. Abruptly he exclaimed that he had to be going. And that he did.

  3. Great story Burt. I’m really surprised not to see more here.

    I only have two peripherally related tidbits. One, Crispin occassionally shows up in my friend’s kung fu class in Los Feliz. Two, another friend swore she used to spy him riding a bike (probably the same one) around Los Feliz wearing a Nazi uniform.

  4. Does a dream count? Because a couple of months ago, I had a dream that I was at his house, which happened to be in a bayou and every inch of wall space was covered with animal skulls which he was frantically covering up or otherwise trying to hide because some beautfil blonde supermodel was coming to visit. I don’t know what the hell that was all about.

    I did see him in person at the Cinematheque a couple years ago (I think it was during the noir fest) and he was lurking about in the courtyard, wearing a dapper suit, seemingly alone and looking like he was about to jump out of his skin.

  5. I’d be happier if you would have said, “Coffee Burt, I think you’re a winner….”

    Seriously though, that’s Awesome & Thanks!! As it turns out i’ll be getting ready to pedal my tail off tonight with the Ridazz. You have a great time!!!!

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