Mapping Downtown’s Homeless


Ever driven/rode/walked through downtown and wondered about the homeless population there? About how many there actually are and how they move around? Well the folks at Cartifact just made answering that a lot easier. Eric just announced the launch of the Downtown Homeless Map. Since downtown LA is the center of the largest homeless population in the country, this map should be a very useful tool in making things better. Cartifact says:

“The purpose of the Downtown Los Angeles Homeless Map is to visually tell the story of downtown’s homeless population. Before a problem can be solved it must be understood. These maps exist to convey the situation on the streets to City leaders, the Police Department and all those who are concerned with homelessness in our city.”

Eric has a much more detailed announcement over on blogdowntown. Nice work.

2 thoughts on “Mapping Downtown’s Homeless”

  1. We just need to declare all the homeless people sex offenders and give them GPS tracking bracelets, then this could update in realtime! How much more awesome would that be!

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