Con Man working the Burbank Rancho?

Just got a phone call from a friend who lives in the Burbank Rancho.

Get this –

Guy comes to her door, tells her a MasterCard commercial is being shot in the neighborhood, and that he needs to get photos of her house INSIDE AND OUT.

Not being a MORON, she didn’t let him in, but he gave it a good try and had an answer for all her objections. Finally she got him to leave and then she called the cops.

But just so you know, keep an eye out for a handsome man, 35-45 years old, white, about six feet tall, with sandy hair and blue eyes, claiming he needs to photograph the inside of your house….

4 thoughts on “Con Man working the Burbank Rancho?”

  1. I used to work in locations so this doesn’t sound all that odd to me. I used to knock on people’s doors who had a house/business that seemed appropriate for what we were looking for. The would let me in and I would shoot both interiors and exteriors for my boss to look at. The only thing that concerns me is that the commercial has already chosen the neighborhood which would indicate that they had already chosen the location. I don’t know, but it could just be a man doing his job.

  2. If this was a man doing his job, I think it begs for a larger discussion about some oversite of location management that goes beyond the noise, traffic, and neighborhood lockdowns brought by film shoot.

    Regardless, sounds like the woman did the right thing. As I wrote the other day, there was a home invasion robbery in the Cahuenga Pass with men posing as DWP.

  3. Sounds like it could be either… good thing she “erred” on the side of caution. Nobody shoots pictures of the inside of my house without my invitation – much less permission. It’s a policy I learned the hard way. 15 years ago I lived right near St. Louis & Michigan in Boyle Heights, in one of those cool old bungalows and my neighbor was approached by two people (a man and a woman) saying they wanted to look at her house to see if they could use it in a “sudent film” they were apparently doing. She let them in, and nothing bad happened… at that point. However, a few days later her place was robbed, and the Hollenbeck officers who came said that whomever did the job knew exactly what they were looking for – because all the electronics, etc were left alone. She lost three expensive pieces of jewelry from a drawer, that was “all”. She believed those people did it. I never found out for sure, since I moved out of LA shortly thereafter.

    Be careful out there – it’s a great world to live in, but not everyone thinks the same way.

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