Sweatin’ Bullets (12/04/06): USC advances as it snows In L.A.

Boi from Troy congratulates USC’s advance into the National Championship… in Men’s Water Polo.

TJ Sullivan balks at the LA Times addressing USC Football’s loss instead of UCLA’s win.

While at LAX covering the radioactive contamination of British Airways jets, BeFrank puts airline employees in their place when they try and tell him what he can’t photograph. (note: link fixed)

LA Times is predicting snow in Long Beach, Calabasas, and Azusa.

El Chavo warns of marauding birds at Workman and Broadway. Bring an umbrella.

Mayor Sam’s Sister City takes issue with Mack Reed’s editorial on their decision to run paid content without full disclosure.

MetroriderLA finds a Netherland blogger who has deciphered the formula to a car free life, then joins Here In Van Nuys in complaining about the “crap boxes” on LA buses known as Transit TV.

I’m now receiving my local E-Policing Report/Crime blotter, so is Dig Lounge – are you? Its made me feel safer, but caused Dig Lounge to “leave outside lights on around my house all night, lock up every window, and of course I have renter’s insurance just in case.”

Eating L.A. reviews something called The 99 Cent Chef who shows how to make “Cup O’Noodles with coconut milk and asparagus or banana pudding mini-tarts (on generic vanilla wafers.)” among other delicasies made for under a buck.

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (12/04/06): USC advances as it snows In L.A.”

  1. Safer? What neighborhood do you live in? The thing that gets to me the most is the amount of burglary in my neighborhood. A buddy of mine was also mugged while leaving the HMS Bounty a few months ago. It doesn’t exactly make me feel safer to know about all the crime. Just more aware.

    And maybe I exagerated a bit about the lights. I leave one light on all night long, and installed a motion light in my backyard. But I definately lock all my windows when I leave the house during the day.

  2. Well at least he got his wallet back right?

    In the vicinity of: 2nd & Harvard – December 03, 2006 0100 hrs, six male Hispanic suspects struck victim on the head from behind. Suspects surrounded the victim. Suspect 1 demanded victim’s wallet. Suspect 2 took wallet from victim. Later, suspect 2 returned wallet with money removed. All suspects fled westbound on 2nd St. (Robbery)

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