Prison Break Actor Wrecks Car Outside My Office

candles.jpgWhen I came into work today, there was a reporter in a suit outside my office, filming in front of a tree wrapped in memorial letters and photos, surrounded by candles and memoriabilia. A fatal accident took place late Saturday, when a car driven by Prison Break’s Lane Garrison hit a tree in the 300 block of South Beverly Drive. According to CBS2, a seventeen year old boy was killed, and a fifteen year old girl was critically injured. As I write this, a dozen of his friends are downstairs mourning, burning his favorite cigarettes like incense, lighting candles and taping photos and memories to the tree.

Obviously, there are questions – like why a twenty-six year old had teenagers in his car – but it is heartbreaking seeing the letters that have been put up on the crash site. There are letters from siblings and classmates, relatives and friends. The expression on the faces of the teenagers mourning is one of shock. I wonder what Lane Garrison’s PR people will do to address this.

UPDATE As of Tuesday, 12/05, CBS 2 reports that it was a fatal DUI, and Garrison met the teenagers at the Pavilions across the street.

2 thoughts on “Prison Break Actor Wrecks Car Outside My Office”

  1. It’s probably important to point out that the video report says he displayed symptoms of intoxication and that alcahol containers were removed from his car. Otherwise there’s a level of innuendo in your post that seems unwarranted based soley on the article.

  2. Good point – I admit to writing it in a bit of a hurry this AM though (work frowns on my blogging while here) = I’ll update this PM.

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