LA’s Seventh Gift to the World: Frederick’s of Hollywood

fredericks1.jpg Do you know this man?

He is Mr Frederick Mellinger and he opened his now famous store on Hollywood Boulevard in 1946. He is the man behind the push-up bra and inventor of the thong – the one and only Frederick of Hollywood.

When Frederick Mellinger returned from WWII in 1946, he brought with him the idea of selling a sensuous and sophisticated European style of lingerie to American women. When good girls wore white cotton panties, Frederick caused a hullabaloo with his raunchy black panties, bras, and nightgowns. [Source]

And the rest is history. Who would believe that 60 years later we’d still be eating up the glamour? Before moving to a new location in 2005, you could visit The Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame – “a tribute to the stars who glamorized lingerie.” Unfortunately the Hall of Fame no longer exists. However this site has enough to tempt your imagination.

Frederick died in 1990, but his legacy lives beyond Hollywood. So go get sexy.