What You Say!!

Another eventful, opinion filled week here on blogging.la – here’s the hot comment threads of the week:

  • Betrayed – by Google Maps? – STOP THE PRESSES!! Ruth666 got bad directions from GoogleMaps! This is clearly the sign of the end of the world. While services like MapQuest and Yahoo! Maps are often messed up GoogleMaps has been pretty spot on, until now.
  • L.A. Comedy Club To Ban the Word “Nigger” – Do you think anyone has an opinion about this? David Markland discusses the recent decision at the Laugh Factory and lots of people have lots to say about it.
  • Metroblogging’s 7 Gifts To The World – The Guide – David Markland gets back to back high comment posts with this round up of the “7 Gifts To The World” series running across the Metroblogging Network. Watch the MB Best Of next week if you want a city by city break down of what those gifts were.
  • City of L.A. wants taxes they’re not entitled to – This one is still pretty lively. Kathleen McGivney has a job at an office at a company just like tons of other people. She few to Boston to give a talk and they paid her directly and now the City of LA is hitting her up for taxes for running of business in LA. Of course she isn’t running a business in LA so she has to jump through a bunch of hoops for nothing. Even more, some people are suspect she’ll be on the hook for a minimum tax. WTF?!
  • Traffic Science – Hexodus speculates on the math surrounding traffic in the city, and the comments are filled with even more of that as well as some cold hard facts. If you commute in LA, this is one you want to read.