UCLA 13 – USC 9

uclaflags.jpg The last time UCLA beat USC in NCAA Football, I was a naive freshman. I remember thinking, ‘I guess it’s cool we won, but it wasn’t even an exciting game.’ At the time, I didn’t think I’d have to wait 7 years to see the Victory Bell come back to Westwood.

Today’s against-all-odds win over USC was the kind the Bruin faithful dream about. It’s nice. Go Bruins!

Read details on the game over at the LA Times.

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11 thoughts on “UCLA 13 – USC 9”

  1. Holy cow. I’m so glad, now, that I went to see a student show instead of watching the game.

  2. I was a sophomore the last time we won.

    My junior year, I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday, and USC broke our 8-game winning streak on Saturday. That was about the worst few days of my life.

    UCLA still has the longest winning streak!

  3. I came in as a freshman when UCLA started losing every game to USC. Attending an extra two years for grad school didn’t help them win. Now that I’ve graduated, they broke USC’s streak. I’m ashamed to admit that I am the cause of their six-year losing streak. I shall never attend UCLA ever again.

  4. Yeah, I wonder if anyone took Buttercup up on their offer? I even thought about it for a few mintues! I’m sure the owners of Buttercup put some cash down on UCLA to win. So if in fact they did have to give away free furniture, their costs were covered.

  5. While we didn’t really play our best and we did deserve a loss with our offense the way it was, I am truly appalled by the behavior of numerous UCLA students that I have heard about occurring after the game. I admit that we are snotty at times and have a tendency towards winning (which nobody likes), but for UCLA students and fans to start fights and pick out female USC students as targets is just wrong. There was no need for violence or becoming a sore winner. Besides, this was our rebuilding year. =)

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