Home Invasion Robbery On Bennet Drive

Two men posing as DWP employees were granted access to a Bennet Dr. home by a housekeeper, who they proceeded to use a taser gun on and tie up before robbing the home.

Joan Luchs with the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council writes that this incident happened two days ago near her home:

They robbed the whole house including computers and Christmas gifts and got away…

The maid naturally is extremely stressed and although this is a rarity in our area…. please be especially alert… it could happen anywhere. Especially around the holiday time a lot of crime happens… Keep your eyes open for a small black SUV with 2 guys who may look out of place.

Anyone with information about this particular crime should contact Detective Pelpier at 213-842-0904.

And everyone should heed her advice to be extra careful of increased crime around the holiday season.