Small Town Hollywood

People generally go on and on about how LA is such a car city. How you have to spend so much time in traffic to get anywhere. I’ve never really found this a problem, but it is partly because I am a car person and I love being in my car.

However, since I moved to West Hollywood earlier this year, I go days without taking the car. I might fill up every couple weeks on my way to the airport. Both Target and Trader Joes are within easy walking distance. My favorite secret neighborhood haunt is less than one block away. I’ve got hip Melrose and sparkling Sunset equally nearby. So, what’s a car culture girl to do?

Well, I walk. I take short drives around town. I rarely venture east of Vine, west of Beverly Hills, not usually north of Hollywood or south of Beverly. I’ve got the whole of LA collapsed and distilled down to small Hollywood. Which is a funny thought, when you know how vast our fair city really is.

7 thoughts on “Small Town Hollywood”

  1. I drove to work yesterday. Mostly to see if my parking pass was working (it wasn’t).

    I realized that I hadn’t driven my car for 12 days.

    Driving to work took 30 minutes. Taking the bus (including the walking and waiting) took 35 minutes. Walking takes 45 minutes.

  2. i have been car-less for about a year. i live in silver lake and work in universal city. walking to the subway every day takes less time than trying to drive to work. plus, everything i could want is right in my neighborhood (or among the other subway stops.)

    i still have my car, but i really ought to just sell it because it’s just sitting around collecting dust.

  3. WeHo is a great neighborhood for that. Oh, I miss it so.

    but then, every neighborhood is easy when you’ve got a BIKE!

  4. I have a car that I hardly use, too. I have to dust it off when I do use it, and there are often cobwebs on the dash. It’s great.

  5. Look at all these riders reading the blog!?

    i too have been given up the gas… about 14 months now… used my car maybe 20 times… loving it.

    Life is good in LA with no car…

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