12 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Who Deserves The Most Money?”

  1. 2 and 4 — especially 4. They absolutely deserve it. Abused by a pathetic and criminal misuse of power.

    1 isn’t even worth discussing. You can’t have it both ways — pulling pranks and being pranked. The discrimination might be worth something, if it’s proved that it cost him anything.

    And as for 3, what a joke! Yes, Richards was wrong and should face them in person to apologize. But what the hell qualifies them for monetary damages? They’ve been on the Today Show — where they didn’t appear to be emotionally scarred — and there’s probably a book deal in it for them. But why should they collect from Richards just because he insulted them in a vulgar way? By that logic, every woman ever given the “hey baby, wanna see my girder” treatment by a construction crew, every kid ever bullied on a playground, every white person ever called a “honky” or denied a job thanks to affirmative action, every gay person called a “fag” and every day laborer called a “wetback” should also be allowed to collect from the offending party.

  2. Darleene, this is the one incident we’ve spoken about to death here with friends. It seems people have this conception that black people would never, ever commit a “hate crime”. Considering the outcome and evidence of this incident, i’d say otherwise.

    I love how the NAACP of all people are trying to redefine what a hate crime is.

    “The NAACP does not have sufficient investigative data to address (the issue of the hate crime charge) at this time,” Rainey said.

    “For the allegation of a hate crime to be found, it’s my understanding that you have to go to an area specifically to single out a certain group because of their race, sex, religion, ethnicity, whatever,” she said.


  3. But why does that entitle the women to cash? The criminal’s should be prosecuted, absolutely. But unless they missed work, were robbed or lost earning power, why do they get cash? Just curious.

  4. Lee, it’s my understanding that a crime victim doesn’t necessarily need to have quantifiably lost anything to pursue compensatory damages. However frivolous it may be, a dollar amount could be attached to the victims’ pain and suffering and they could seek restitution from the perpetrators, but I believe it would have to be via a civil action, separate from the criminal prosecution.

  5. Just to clarify Captain Awesome’s post, the NAACP has condemned the attack, which is the major news story in Long Beach at the moment, but hasn’t been discussed in the LA media all that much (including here, I believe).

  6. NOBODY deserves money.

    People deserve not to be abused, but as long as more than two people are alive at the same time, somebody’s going to get fucked with.

    I didn’t invent human nature, but I can sometimes be embarrassed by it.

    Making it monetary is insane.

  7. I wasn’t really trying to say that these women deserve or don’t deserve money. More than anything I feel its wrong that no one is talking about it as much as the four other topics, and it seems to deserve as much, if not more conversation.

  8. Ruth666:

    Sean, please kick this person off your blog. I cannot believe that you would be so callous. Did you read what happened to the woman who was molested as a 7 year-old by a priest. You don’t think there was monetary damage to her life among other things?!? I am blown away by your anger and lack of compassion.

  9. Will: I totally understand that. I just find it fascinating that being insulted equals a cash settlement in many people’s minds, including my own sometimes. Thanks for commenting — I appreciate your posts.Reynaldo: Get real, dude. She has an opinion, too, and she’s entitled to it. I was brutally sexually abused and nearly killed by a cousin and her hillbilly boyfriend when I was seven. But I never — even 42 years later — expected to be monetarily compensated. Despite that, I feel the Mahoney victims should be, to make a statement to the Catholic administrative mafia, er Church. But don’t be hatin’ on Ruth because she disagrees.

  10. I think #2 should be compensated, so the guy can buy Canadian citizenship, and relocate where the NSA is not at work.

    But other than that, I really have to agree with the idea that some crimes just can’t be “solved” or “resolved” by paying off the victim.

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