Light a Candle – Donate to AIDS Research


Bristol-Myers is donating a dollar to AIDS research every time someone goes to their web site and moves the match to the candle and lights it. Please take a few seconds to raise a dollar for someone who needs it.

There is  a lot of traffic at the site so it may take time to load. Try refreshing once or twice if you have trouble.

This isn’t exactle “local news” but go do it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Light a Candle – Donate to AIDS Research”

  1. Just as a note, Bristol-Myers Squibb has comitted to donating a max of $100,000, which they have already reached. So, going to the site and lighting a candle won’t result in them donating any more money.

    However, it still seems to be to be a worthwhile thing to do, as a gesture of concern if nothing else.

  2. You can still donate to AIDS research and funding by visiting This is a fundraising bike ride that covers 585 miles. Each rider needs $2500. I’m doing it and many others are, too. Please go to the site, find a rider and donate.

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