What we’re talking about – Marijuana Laws

Tammara’s earlier post about LA’s relaxed Marijuana Laws sparked quite a bit of discussion on our internal mailing list. We realized that we were having all the fun and should let you folks chime in as well. Here’s some of our thoughts, what are yours?

Ben pointed out that he knows a guy who knows a guy who is a medical marijuana user:

“there is really no reason for him to have said medical marijuana but he paid a guy some money and told him he had chronic back pain. not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but still, it’s worth noting.”

Wil followed up by asking:

“Doesn’t that actually undermine the legitimate claims that AIDS sufferers or cancer patients have for the use of medical marijuana?

I don’t use the marijuana (or anything else) but I think drug laws are a stupid pile of shit that cause more crime than they prevent, so I welcomed the passage of the medical marijuana laws. But isn’t it going to give prohibitionists an opportunity to shut down medical marijuana clinics if they can go on some crusade and show that people without “legitimate” claims are buying the weed?”

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L.A.’s Second Gift To The World: Relaxed Marijuana Laws

One of the things that makes living in Los Angeles (and California in general) so rich, is that we’re known around the planet for tolerance and openness to new ideas.
Los Angeles’s Second Gift to the World is embracing laws that make possessing and using small amounts of marijuana the lowest priority in law enforcement. Most people think it’s a huge waste of taxpayer money to arrest, prosecute and go after the plethora of people who use marijuana, so laws are now beginning to reflect that. It’s especially harsh and egregious if those people arrested are medical marijuana patients.

In the recent elections, Santa Monica joined West Hollywood in making investigations, citations, arrests, property seizures and prosecutions for private, adult marijuana use the lowest law enforcement priority. While Santa Monica and West Hollywood don’t cover all of Los Angeles, it’s a big start. Understanding and support in this area seems to reflect the general sentiment of the populace. Santa Monican’s passed the law with a 65% voter approval.

This goes hand in glove with the medical marijuana laws enacted in the state of California with the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. Proposition 215 allows people who, with the guidance and approval of their doctors, use marijuana for pain relief and to relieve all kinds of ailments, especially those associated with Cancer and AIDS.

Betrayed – by Google Maps?


Sure everyone knows that Mapquest blows and can’t be trusted, but The Holiness of Google Maps?

Last night it all came to a screeching halt.

My carful of companions and I were eager to see Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants at the Geffen Playhouse in or about the UCLA campus.

(by the way the show is awesome)

Knowing the treachery of the UCLA campus, I not only Google Mapped the address of the theater, but also of three parking structures nearby. We left plenty of time but when we reached what Google claimed was the address, we had no choice but to notice we were in a lovely residential neighborhood, not, in fact, at the Geffen Playhouse.

Fury ensued, and finally I allowed myself the awful truth: GOOGLE WAS WRONG.

I have NEVER seen this before. And I don’t want to see it again.

Is there something more reliable out there? I really hate to get lost – if I wanted to wing it I wouldn’t have bothered Googling!

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flackery


This might not be what the L.A. Weekly is exactly going for, but above is my decidedly tame though no doubt sourly nostalgic first effort made after Mack Reed at L.A. Voice pointed out the L.A. Weekly’s build-your-own Blank Blankly section of their website that allows you to waste time better suited for more important endeavors in the construction your very own statement that mimics the look/feel of the paper’s current ad campaign. You supply the image and the verb/adverb, and the LA Weekly supplies the finished product. Have at it!

Traffic Science

Like everybody else who lives in our city I have wondered what exactly causes traffic and is there anything that I can do to stop it? Is it just due to volumes of cars, or is it due to people’s bad driving habits? Mostly I have leaned towards the latter. That people drive in such a way that generates traffic.

TrafficObsessive lane-changing would be my number one guess as to the culprit. People who decide that they need to try and shave .5 seconds off of their hour long commute by switching into the lane next to them, only to slow it down when the person they cut off is forced to slow down, and when fifteen other impatient fools in rattling imports try the same maneuver.

Anyways, regardless of the exact maneuver, I have always thought that it was impatient drivers who create traffic and every time I see this I think to myself that if I ever run for mayor I will run on a platform of draconian traffic laws to stop this. Or at least give people who drive like crap higher insurance premiums or something.

What I am trying to get to is this…Traffic Wave Experiments…wherein an intrepid traffic researcher goes into the field and notices that his calm, collected behavior on the road actually reduce traffic around him. That by resisting the urge to be impatient he can dissolve the standing waves that are traffic. I like this. It almost makes me want to hop into a traffic jam to try it out. I think that we all should try stuff like this, and then pass it on to others.

I am sure that there are other ways that we, as Los Angeles citizens, can help fight traffic. What are your ideas? Besides “get off the road” or “ride a bike”.

(*hic*) It’s that time of year again

[clickerooneyoh on the picture-wicture to embiggifyenate]

Nothing’s going to make you feel better about your performance at last year’s company Christmas party than seeing Bob’s Holiday Office Party this year.

LA’s favorite Christmastime cult classic is back to add a little salt to your holiday season! Only this year, this sloppy, seasonal sensation described by the LA Times as “…irreverent, crude and devestatingly funny!” is moving into the Zephyr Theatre as the year-end party show of its fiftieth anniversary season!

Join insurance agent Bob Finhead and his whacked out clients for a night of high risk hilarity, drinks, holiday hijinks and more drinks!!

Written by Joe Keyes and Rob Elk
Directed by Justin Tanner
Starring; Craig Anton, Maria Bamford, Tom Carey, Frank Coniff, Melissa Denton, Rob Elk, Mark Fite, Patrick Kerr, Joe Keyes, Linda Miller, Pat O’Brien, and Ann Randolph

Thursday – Sunday November 30th- December 31st
8:00 p.m. Thursday – Saturday 7:00 p.m. Sundays
No Show Sunday December 24th
$15.00 Thursday & Sunday, $20.00 Friday & Saturday
The Zephyr Theatre
7456 Melrose Ave (near Gardner)
Hollywood, CA 90046

TICKETS 323-852-9111
GROUPS 323-653-4667
ONLINE TICKETS make it even easier to go!

When Treasures Turn To Trash

One result of my boyfriend and I moving in together a year and a half ago is that my house has gotten a massive make-over. Instead of the place reflecting me… it now reflects ‘us’. Some of the changes have been easy, even exciting. But one of the most difficult has been getting rid of all my living room furniture to make way for the cool stuff we actually designed together to fit the new colors of the room. My ‘shabby chic’ girly couches just didn’t fit anymore, (or even fit us when we snuggled down for an in-house movie). Even though they are super-comfy, I suspected they were history. Besides, everytime I talked about keeping them and maybe just recovering them with a new color, he rolled his eyes and insisted they had to go. He hated sinking into that plethora of fluffy down and losing the remote in all the pillows.
Craigslist was a godsend, but some of the stuff just begged to be heaved. But what to do with all those massive items? Enter ‘Bulky Item Pick-Up”, a service that Los Angeles Santitation Dept provides. Just call (800) 773-2489 7:30 to 4:45 and they send a truck in a couple of days and scoop all that big stuff up. It was fast, easy and best of all… FREE! And they pick up just about anything that’s too large to fit into a trashcan.

How To Survive Thanksgiving Airport Traffic

LAX_airport_sign.jpgI spent most of the week in Pittsburgh for the Thanksgiving holiday, visiting the boyfriend’s family. It was unbelievably wonderful to get home yesterday, to actual warm sunshine – not that deceptive brittle light that I remember from clear winter days in higher latitudes. And after three days in a fleece vest, extra socks and gloves, I woke up this morning and put on my lightest cotton sleeveless dress to celebrate being back in Los Angeles.

Also, contrary to expectations, the boyfriend and I had a shockingly easy travel experience. Every flight and connection was on time. On Thanksgiving weekend. Our strategy was to fly out on a red-eye flight on Tuesday night, arrive early Wednesday, and come home early Saturday, thus avoiding heavy travel days and getting cheaper flights. And it worked. It took us less than half an hour to get from the curbside dropoff to the waiting area at the gate we flew from, including both baggage check and security check lines. And because this was at LAX, I was amazed – I’ve spent more time than that in security lines on non-holiday weeks.

So I’ve come back from my holiday travel without any horror stories to tell. Did anyone have any problems at LAX? The LA Times says they expected 1.8 million people to go through the airport over the four day holiday weekend, but that it looked pretty standard on Thanksgiving Day – “what you’d expect it to look like”. Also, did anyone go through Burbank and Long Beach airports for holiday travel – and what were those airports like? Now that I’ve shared my secret flight times for avoiding holiday rush, I may need to use those next year.

Sweatin’ Bullets (11/26/06): Here Comes Beetle Claus

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/11/beetlehearse-thumb.jpgEarlier, Heathervescent was wondering who would be driving the hearse in tonite’s parade – at right is the answer. Pic by me.

“Here Comes Santa Claus,” written by Gene Autry but turned into the greatest Christmas song of all time by Elvis Presley, was inspired by the Hollywood Christmas Parade. View from a Loft has the story, which also mentions this annual event was originally called “The Santa Claus Lane Parade.”

Andyeye is the new L.A. fashion blog from Andy of Here In Van Nuys promsiing to “find and feature the hidden and obscure creators and wearers of style in the Southland.”

Martini Republic adds City Taxes to the list of shakedowns Los Angeles perpetrates on its citizens, along with red light cameras and affordable housing taxes.

Recentering El Pueblo has a game of “Guess the Location” fit for LA City Nerd.

The National Park Service’s GPS animal tracking can emit a “mortality signal” for animals that don’t move after eight hours… unfortunately, one on a puma in Topanga Canyon went off – apparently the victim of patricide.

“The Digger” at Westwood Happenings is calling for a complete ban on hookahs in Westwood Village, citing public safety.

LA Frog has pics of a Christmas tree sculpture at the Edgemar Arts Complex made entirely of shopping carts.

Hollywood Christmas Parade @ 2

Hollywood Blvd is closed to traffic from La Brea to several blocks east (I didn’t walk all the way down) for the 75th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (on myspace too!!!) According to the site, the parade kicks off at 5pm today, but the locals told me things are happening at 2pm. Luckily I got my shopping done at Hollywood & Highland before Noon and was outta there. But enjoy the pre-show float photos.

Update: I almost forgot to mention, I saw a decorated Christmas Hearse on the way. I can’t wait to see who’s riding in that one, but alas, I will not be watching.

Where’s the roving bunch of santa’s when you need em?

Blind Dog Wanders: News at Eleven

While driving through the sylvan little vale of Woodland Hills, I did an in-vehicle spit-take at this sign, screeching to a halt and backing up to shoot this photo.

(click to embiggen)

Didn’t quite catch that? Here it is, close-up (click again):


No, that’s not some WWII military code. Blind Dog Wanders.

I kind of don’t understand this. How, exactly, does a responsible pet owner’s blind freakin’ dog end up “wandering”? I mean, does it just bonk repeatedly into walls and fences like a Roomba until it discovers some sort of egress, and then emerges into street level, to “wander”?

“Honey, where’s Princess?”

“I don’t know, darling, she must be out wandering again.”

“Oh, bosh.”

This makes absolutely no sense to me, and therefore, I think it’s totally awesome.

Spotted on MacFarlane Drive in Woodland Hills.

L.A.’s First Gift to the World: The Sunset

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/11/sunsetmosaic-thumb.jpgFor the next seven days, the Metroblogging sites around the globe will be unveiling seven gifts their cities can share with the world – one gift a day for seven days. Metroblogging Los Angeles begins with, ironically, a Sunset. (to see what the rest of the world is contributing, click here)

“They say the smog is the reason we have such beautiful sunsets.”
-Elmore Leonard, Get Shorty

Maybe its because the smog makes them the most beautiful, or perhaps its the large number of movie cameras here that capture them and show them to the world. Regardless, Los Angeles has the most famous of all sunsets.

Even the mere mention of the word “sunset” brings to mind images of Malibu or any of our other coastal suburbs (is the rest of the world even aware that Malibu, along with Santa Monica and others, is its own city in Los Angeles County, but not the city of L.A.?).  And then there’s Sunset Blvd., also known as the Sunset Strip, where every musician has stepped off the bus before they began their ascent to being a rockstar.

For the first of our gifts to the world, Los Angeles gives The Sunset, packaged as a vodka infused cocktail… the Sunset Martini.

Invented by bartender/actor Daniel Devereaux at Cafe des Artistes, a popular celebrity hangout just off Sunset Blvd., the Sunset Martini is rumoured to be a favorite of Oliver Stone’s and other assorted moguls, starlets, and the all too frequent agent.

The Sunset Martini
Equal parts all:
-Absolut Mandarin (or any orange flavored vodka)
-Apple Pucker (or any apple liqueur)
-orange juice
-cranberry juice
Shaken with an orange slice. Sip as the sky shifts from a setting sun to a canvas of stars.

(Sunset Mosaic photo by .snow, who shares closeups of each on Flickr)

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What You Say!!

I think this was the week of incidents. And the discussion there of. Here’s the most commented on posts from Turkey week.