WTF WeHo Coyote?!

What this picture fails to show very well is a coyote wandering the street of West Hollywood!!! I’ve seen coyote in more lush surrounds (like the hills) but never in such an urban environment. Last seen in trotting towards Plummer Park!

9 thoughts on “WTF WeHo Coyote?!”

  1. I’ve seen a pack of them a few times in sherman oaks, along with half a cat one morning. I’ve also seen a few loan ones in highland park.

  2. We’ve had a pair roaming our neighborhood south of Sunset in Silver Lake for going on to years now.

    And the blogger at Liquid Premium got a couple of great shots last weekend of a pair of ’em in WeHo (maybe you photo’d one of them?) posted here.

  3. I was on the 5 near USC a few months ago, in the far left lane, when a coyote popped up in my headlights headed straight at me. The body shop was picking bone and fur out of my suspension for a month.

  4. They are everywhere! I’ve seen ’em way into Arcadia too.

    Where does the 5 go near USC? I am confused.

  5. Used to see them regularly when I lived in silverlake. Saw two of them just this week in weho, SOUTH of sunset east of fairfax.

  6. LiquidPremium, I saw your photos, yeah, it looks like I saw the same one you photographed. I tried to coax it to come over to me, but it was skittish – unlike the ones I meet in the Mojave who come right up to my door!

    Ryan – sounds like we’re all tracking the same ones. I’m about 4 blocks west of fairfax below sunset, so I bet it’s the same ones!

    Yay. I love coyotes! I hope they are ok. And I wish they’d howl.

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