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I just came across a link that was submitted to us several days ago via the Suggest A Story feature.

Hello. I know you’ve written about the Ambassador in the past and thought you should visit the 3D re-creation of the hotel lobby — this is part of the marketing effort from the movie Bobby. I’m glad to answer any questions. I work with The Weinstein Co. which released the film this weekend. Best, Jeff Greene Gold Group [email removed]

I am usually fairly skeptical when PR/Marketing people offer opportunities, as what they are usually asking for is free publicity and I am not fond of doing other people’s jobs (as you might imagine, this was troublesome when I was writing more regularly for Creature Corner). I confess, I clicked on the link ready to be annoyed. And now I feel stupid, because this is really cool.

I’m not familiar with the interior of the Ambassador — can anyone speak to the accuracy of the recreation?

Photo by minuk used under Creative Commons license.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of the Ambassador”

  1. The virtual lobby feature is pretty compacted and simplified. As a teen I took an Evelyn Wood speed-reading course in one of the hotel’s conference rooms and if memory serves the lobby area was much larger than depicted in the animation.

  2. I saw this Bobby site yesterday, and was kind of exited. But then reality set in. The lobby depicted is very, very different from the real thing (although, true, I was not around in 1968).

    Having shot a number of things at the hotel during the last few months before the final shutdown to the outsiders, and being in possession of around 1000 photos of almost very nook and cranny, the depicted lobby of at least 1/5 of the actual space, doors and hallways are wrong, etc. I have not yet seen the film (will this weekend), but the virtual lobby is nothing but a very distant relative of the real thing (which is, alas, no more).

  3. Anyone know where the speech near the end of the film (over Simon & Garfunkel’s SOUND OF SILENCE) is from. Love to find a transcript.

  4. Would also love to have a transcript of the speech at the end of the movie which I assume is his victory speech – trying to listen to it and absorb all that goes on in the ending moments of the film is overwhelming. If anyone knows how this is attainable I would be most appreciative…

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