Car-Free Toys & Mittens Ride on Saturday

toy_n_mitten_ad.jpgI love saying “mittens.” I certainly enjoy saying it more than “gloves” – which is why, even though I wear bike-courier style fingerless gloves with the pull-over covering when biking in cold, I still refer to them as “mittens”. Also, with the cold weather this week, I will point out that mittens are actually more efficient in winter than gloves – they allow your fingers to warm each other.

If the cold keeps up, you can also wear your mittens to the Car-Free Haul-iday Toys’n’Mittens ride. Also, they are encouraging you to bring more new mittens, as well as hats and toys, for children in need of warmer clothing and Christmas presents. All proceeds are to benefit the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. Being there with bells on is also a good idea: bikes can be decked out in holiday splendor for this ride.

More info is on the site, but this looks like a really fun, family-friendly ride. I think I may have to dig out some extra Hanukkah paper and wrap my bike up in some seasonal decor.