Tazered for Not Removing His Dodgers Cap!

A Michigan college student was tazered at a Saginaw, MI city council meeting after refusing an order to remove his Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap.

Charles Littleton, 22, was zapped “following what was described as scuffle with police” although he denies this is accurate.

“I never kicked, punched, swung or anything like that,” he said. “They are making it seem like I attacked the officer, then had to be TASERed because I was attacking them. That’s not true at all.”

Ironically, he was there to get extra credit for an urban sociology class.

(source: ABC12/WJRT TV)

2 thoughts on “Tazered for Not Removing His Dodgers Cap!”

  1. Dude – I read the same article, but I must say, I can’t believe you failed to highlight the best part of the article:

    “A Jewish man — would you ask me to remove my yarmulke? A kofee? A turban? Anything like that?” Littleton said.

    “But I guess a Los Angeles Dodgers hat is not a religious symbol. That is secular. You respect religion but you don’t respect this.”

    C’mon – you couldn’t make material that good up outta nothing. ;)

    (p.s. somewhere, up above us, my grandmother begs to differ with the notion that a Dodger cap is anything other than a religious symbol.)

  2. Having to remove your hat indoors seems like such a useless, antiquated rule. Doing that is supposed to be good manners, but seriously, who cares anymore? It’s not hurting anyone and it’s not a crime.

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