What You Say!!

We talk, and then you talk. And keep on talking. And talking. And more talking. And again with the talking. And then even more talking. It’s non stop I tell you! Here’s the most commented on posts from the entire last week:

  • UCLA Cops Taser Student Who Refuses to Show ID – 5000! posts news of the UCLA Tasering and the 7 minute video showing the whole thing and mega can of worms blew up all over the place. Some people think the kid deserved it, some people think it was cold heartless police brutality. There’s talk about how valid the original request for ID is and but just getting flat out pissed. Some people can’t figure out the difference between separate police agencies. Speaking of, I bet the LAPD isn’t too bummed this took some of the attention off that other video.
  • Pinkberry: Healthier Because It Replaces Bad Food – Jillian simply mentions this place is opening and people in the comments lose their minds. However to end the controversy Markland actually went and said the place sucks.
  • Tickets at the Arclight now $25! – OMG!!11! SEE IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD FOR YOU ASSHAT ARCLIGHT LOVERS LOLZOR!!!1!1 Oh, never mind. It’s just for one weird movie. Who cares, it’s this week’s option to continue the Arclight wars. By Markland.
  • UCLA Protests Against Tazering Today at Noon – Is it bad to say this tasering is a “hot button” topic? Or that it’s “electrifying” the readers? Um, yeah.. Markland posts about the protest and we get a repeat of 5000!s post above. Some people think it was an over reaction, some people think the kid was asking for it, and never the twain shall meet.
  • Those Goony Looking Things Are In Danger – Palm trees out, Native species in. Jillian has the deets and it turns out people already hate the palm trees so no harm no foul or something. Except some people still love ’em. :(