Meeting Ingemar’s Owner

I love my cars. When I moved to LA I bought my dream car – a black 1997 Saab convertible. This past summer I decided it was time to let her go. I was ready to move on and try something new. I sold the Saab and shopped around for something new.

Months went by and one by one I crossed off every option. Then I saw Ingemar – a metallic green/black Saab convertible in pristine condition. It was love at first site. One fine afternoon, I met Ingemar and Charlotte, his owner, in person. The three of us zipped up the Imperial Highway, top down, sun shining in our eyes, wind blowing through our hair. We were like best friends in an instant. I needed no convincing, Ingemar had already stolen my heart.

Usually the relationship with the previous owner stops after the pink slip is signed. But Charlotte and I, both Saab lovers, kept in touch. Not daily, but a hello here and there.

So yesterday I was plodding through downtown traffic. Slugging out the stop and go as the 101 split off from the 110, when I heard someone honking at me. A motorcycle zipped by and I thought (back to when I rode) that maybe I was taking up too much lane and I was getting a moto heads up to move over. But then I heard honking again and I started to look around. In the car in the left lane was Charlotte, the previous owner of Ingemar! We did the frantic “hi, how are you wave” for the few moments we paced each other. I imagined how exciting it would be for me to recognize my previous car on the freeway and how happy I would be.

It definitely lightened the heavy traffic plodding. And I imagined as she continued straight up the 110 and I edged closer to the 101 that we had a brief moment of friendship and hello, before going our separate directions.

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  1. Aaron – I’ve loved cars way before I moved to LA. I guess it’s not stereotypical in those other places.

    Lars – She was driving a Toyota Landcruiser – another car crush I have.

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