Downtown Laemmle’s Is Lame-Less

Like plenty of’ers before me I loves me some everything about Arclight Cinemas (with the possible exception of the concession stand up on the second floor that always crowds up and makes it a pain in the ass either to pass through or get your popcorn) and will look there first for a film I wanna see. If it isn’t playing there, I’ll go old school with the Vista as my second choice. And if it ain’t there, I’ll wince and see if it’s at the Grove’s Pacific Theaters.

Though it’s only 2.5 miles away from our house I’ve never before given a thought as to what’s at downtown’s Laemmle Theaters Grande Fourplex on Figueroa north of 4th Street. But with the wife and I jonesing for some Bond James Bond and it not screening at either of my first two options (and Sundays at the Grove are just a hell-to-the-no) she told me to trust her past experience and go see it there. So she hooked us up a couple tickets online and we did.

Certainly its dungeon-level theaters don’t sport the biggest screens or the sharpest sound systems or the state-or-the-artiest seats in anything even closely resembling a stadium configuration (no cupholders either), but my techno-ergonomic tastes are pretty simple. Besides, downtown on a weekend means none of that Hollywood or westside gridlock; validated parking across the street is $2 and the matinees are only $6 (hell, regular tickets are only $8!). I can’t even remember the last time I took in a movie for a single-digit dollar amount.

We’ll definitely be back.

8 thoughts on “Downtown Laemmle’s Is Lame-Less”

  1. Sign up at the Laemmle website, (Sneak Preview Club, upper right hand corner), and you get monthly FREE movies!

    This Monday, the 20th, is a free screening of Cautiva at the Pasadena One Colorado location.

  2. Absolutely. Laemmle is one of the better, more reasonable theatre chains out here. But what I like more than anything is their programming. They really have a wonderful mix of independent, independent-spirit furst run films and local productions on their bill.

    Of course, this may all be loaded since I’m working for a film MODERN MAN, that’s opening at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 on Dec 1.

    Ha, you thought this was a legitimate comment and it turned out to be unforgiveable, irredeemable attempt at shameless self-promotion!

    NO! Not really, I posted to take a strong stand behind Laemmle’s. Yes, their tech specs are not up to Cinerama Dome standards – but the price, the films – you can’t beat it. We looked at all the local chains for our film and decided on Laemmle because the proof… is in the pudding…

  3. I’ve always wondered why the Laemmle’s Fourplex downtown seems to show much more mainstream fare than the rest of their locations.

  4. Just a guess Evan, but I think given the downtown Laemmle’s location essentially underneath the Marriott Hotel, they probably get a decent percentage of their business from hotel guests most of whom might be more readily drawn to mainstream cinema rather than indie offerings.

  5. Although they’ve been screening A LOT of documentaries lately. Small docs that certainly don’t have much press behind them. And that’s about as alternative as it gets.

  6. I have a dream of playing hooky from work and spending the day at the Laemlle. I love that theatre almost as much as I loved the 5th Avenue and the Academy back in the day.

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