Deciphering Craigslist Ads, Yet Again

Since we are tired of the thirty mile gap between us, the boyfriend and I have decided to narrow it down to a few feet, and move in together. And because he lives and works in Pasadena, and I live in Venice and work in Beverly Hills, we compromised and decided to move to Silverlake.

Today was the first day of househunting – and it was not terribly encouraging. A late lunch at Mae Ploy was the high point of the afternoon. And over a hot pot of tom yum gai, we discussed the translations of the ads I had so carefully pasted into Google Notebook:

1. Romantic 2br Living in Silverlake
TRANSLATION: 1920s building, re-carved into a completely different formation than it was meant to be. Result: closets where there shouldn’t be, two bedrooms too small to fit a queen bed in either, and random staircases cutting through the apartment in an MC Escher-esque way. However, it did have the original 1928 tiles and bathroom design, which the boyfriend remarked on as being reminiscent of Hearst Castle. Still, we learned that “romantic” means “anything with overgrown foliage in the courtyard”.

TRANSLATION: Actually, this one was everything it promised. Unfortunately, the new carpet was that 1980s beige kind I thought had been banned in Western countries, and the walls and ceiling had blown stucco on it. The atrium was quite nice though – a sort of enclosed balcony that I would have called “the conservatory” if we had taken the place, where I could have left random candlesticks and jars of mustard (NOTHING says funny like Clue jokes!). Unfortunately, even HGTV shows cannot suggest ways to fix blown stucco and beige carpet.

3. 2br – Amazing Silverlake 2 bedroom- Open House Saturday 11/18
TRANSLATION: “Amazing Silverlake” must be a separate sentence, and not descriptive of the actual two bedroom. The neighborhood was quite stunning, above Bellevue Park, by a street of pre-war houses, one complete with a castle turret built onto its Victorian frame. But the apartment itself was a street level warren of tiny rooms, again, none big enough to take my beloved queen size bed. As much as I liked the hilltop it was by, this would not do. Especially since the bathroom was closet-sized, with a bathtub, and no shower.

So we’re going to roll into December soon without a definitive place or date to move. Please, if anyone knows of a two-bedroom in Silverlake or Echo Park coming up for rent soon – anything in the triangle bordered by the 101, 5 and 2 – post a comment. There has got to be an easier way to do this. Although, at least this way, I got to randomly find a really awesome Thai restaurant.

7 thoughts on “Deciphering Craigslist Ads, Yet Again”

  1. I think I just saw a sign for an apartment rental in the kind of snazzy looking pink recessed set of apartments/bungalows on Vendome just below Sunset, across from the Laurel and Hardy Park.

  2. That was actually the first one – it’s a very pretty building, but the apartment bedrooms should have been combined into one. But thank you!

  3. I know everyone is going to poo poo this idea but I endorse west side rentals website.

    I have found every apartment I have ever had in LA on westside and I have shared my accounts with friends who have had similar success.

    If not I will also warn that any place that says it is “cozy” means it is super tiny.

    You also might consider when you call these places asking their square footage (not sure that is a word) because that will give you an idea if the place is a tiny little c ell or not. And then you don’t waste your time looking at something that really isn’t what you are looking for.

    Good luck. Moving in LA is a pain no matter how you do it.

  4. I might have to move to Ventura soon, I hope that works out better. It is a little less in demand than silverlake at least

  5. “cozy” = tiny
    “rustic” = dilapidated
    “motivated seller” = on fire

    Sorry, this had me thinking about The Simpsons.

  6. I’ve never had luck with Westside Rentals myself. Every apartment I’ve found (including helping gf’s and stuff) has been by driving block by block through neighborhoods I want to live in. I hate it.

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