Pinkberry: Healthier Because It Replaces Bad Food

pinkberry%20froyo.jpg Pinkberry may be healthy for you without even having to open. In the wake of all the WeHo controversy over their parking hogging, I’d like to point out that they are doing public services in both Beverly Hills and Pasadena. In Beverly Hills, they replaced a Mrs Field’s cookies; in Pasadena, they replaced a pizza-by-the-slice place.

Of course, this is a controversial change. A co-worker had to go through rehab from his Mrs Field’s addiction. My boyfriend is grumpy that his favorite East Coast style pizza in Pasadena is gone. Not that Pinkberry is directly responsible for either of these, of course – but it’s just a nice coincidence, that the healthy frozen yogurt has replaced higher sugar or higher fat eateries.

By the way, I emailed Pinkberry HQ to ask about when they were opening the Beverly Hills and Pasadena stores, and it won’t be for awhile – sometime in Q1, 2007 was the soonest they’d admit to.

15 thoughts on “Pinkberry: Healthier Because It Replaces Bad Food”

  1. Almost like you’re shilling for the chain-to-be. It’s a little funny, sight unseen.

    If you look at Craigslist foodservice jobs, they’re “peeling off the pink plywood” and hiring now at their Larchmont location. No doubt you’ll be customer #400-something.

  2. What… now suddenly it’s bad to post about something one likes? Shilling? Hah – the people that came up with that concept are hitting it real big. I don’t think they need anyone to give them free advertising – but I do agree – it is healthier (and tastier) than another transfatty cookie or greasy pizza slice. Ok, maybe not tastier than the pizza – but it probably won’t shave any days off your lifespan. Maybe they’ll open one in K-town soon, and even get adventurous and come to downtown. Hey – I’ll admit it – I just wish I had come up with the idea first!

  3. Hey, I just thought it was funny because it was a_ overhyped to start with and b) replacing beloved more fattening locations. And c) people MIGHT want to know when the locations are opening. Y’never know.

  4. Still shilling for a fast-food outlet. You can crow all you like, if you need “healthy” options, check your local farmers market. Eat responsibly, buy locally.

  5. ^Tyson is hardcore!!^

    the los feliz pinkberry is slated to open sometime in december methinks.

  6. I’ve heard Pinkberry is good but like any fad I think I’ll wait for the crowds to thin.

    But for the record, that photo appears to contain Fan Favorite CAP’N CRUNCH CEREAL – not exactly high on the health-food chain….

  7. I noticed that too Ruth! That desert is probably a health hazard to the roof of your mouth too.

  8. Does anyone remember 21 Choices? There was one in Pasadena and in Claremont. Don’t recall other locations. That was some gooooood sh*t. Shill away, all, I love good food finds – corporate or otherwise. Free market is a biatch, ain’t it.

  9. Tyson – thanks for your comments, but you may want to read some of my previous posts supporting farmer’s markets. I’m pretty big on geotarianism (the practice of eating locally produced foods) as part of my peak oil philosophy – but my local farmer’s market doesn’t carry low-sugar fro-yo. Since I cut processed sugar out of my diet a few years ago, I’m sensitive to sugar content. Because I also don’t like consuming artificial sweeterners, having a major commercial chain NOT add too much of the addicting white stuff is a major boon. Call it “shilling” if you will; I call it “positive reinforcement” for a company that is taking a little different approach than a TCBY or a Baskin Robbins. I actually didn’t add all the praise I could have on that subject in the original post, simply to cut down on the “shill” factor.

    CD – I go to the 21 choices in Pasadena when it doesn’t have RIDICULOUS LINES – that and the H&M have crazy lines for retail outlets in Old Town.

    Oh, and also – for anyone looking for really excellent ice cream, I also suggest the Fosselman’s. THAT’S some very tasty stuff – the chocolate-dipped strawberry is well worth the calories.

  10. Alright, based on this post I actually visited the damn Pinkberry. Please forgive my previous comparison to TCBY.
    Because Pinkberry is no TCBY.
    Pinkberry has one flavor? Its priced to high heaven. My girlfriend wanted to modify the smoothie she ordered, but was told they’re “premade”… and we still had to wait close to ten minutes for them to make it!
    Stuff tasted okay, but not worth the price by any means. For the same price you can get a smoothie four times the size at Jamba Juice.
    Seriously, whats the fascination? I don’t buy the “different approach” idea – plenty of businesses sink trying a different approach. This one is gouging the public and spending their money more on the store’s decor than the actual product.

  11. David, I haven’t been to Pinkberry yet so I can’t comment on it but if you’re going to go to an ice cream shop based on a bLA post please, please do youselve a treat and check out Scoops on Heliotrope just N of Melrose. I’m not even an ice cream person and it’s one of my favorite spots.

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