I love the smell of plea bargains in the morning

The latest news in the always developing story of the most recent LAPD video is that the suspect/victim/defendant (depending on your viewpoint) William Cardenas was released today after pleading No Contest to resisting or obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor, and sentenced to time served (3 months) and 3 years probation. Of course I’m speculating that this was some kind of plea bargain but it seems convenient that he sat in jail for 3 months and 1 week after the video started showing around the internet he’s free. I’m not criticizing that of course, I think of the city attorney felt that was good enough then so be it, I’m just wondering why it took a national spotlight for the ball to get rolling? I could be crazy but I’m of the opinion that law enforcement and justice should be the same if millions of people are watching or if no one is watching. But then again I’m not a fan of sweeping things under the rug. All that aside, this isn’t over yet. On CBS tonight they had video of Cardenas leaving the jail and a reporter asked him if he would be suing the city and while I don’t remember his exact words it was something along the lines of “yes.”

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3 thoughts on “I love the smell of plea bargains in the morning”

  1. Hardly a surprise that all the media attention seems to coincide with his immediate release from incarceration. Did we ever receive official verification of Cardenas’ status as a gang member or an official ruling of whether excessive force was used? Not that either necessarily have bearing on the reality of the situation, but I am curious as to what will be written down as reported fact.

  2. There was some LAPD guy on the radio about 15 minutes ago talking about how people just resist arrest, and always have, but now there are more cameras and it seemed worse. So far so good. Then they asked him about this plea bargain thing and he just flipped out on-air. I don’t know what he was thinking, it really didn’t help his cause any.

  3. I think the proliferation of phones with built in video cameras is going to create a lot more of this going forward. In a world where there are security cameras on us all the time, and new cameras being put in at stop lights every day I’m of the opinion that the more cameras facing the other direction the better.

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