The Manchildren Are Coming! The Manchildren Are Coming!

Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii launch updates

Jesus was right – The gods at Best Buy won’t tolerate people lining up sooner than 24 hours before the PS3’s go on sale. Michael McWhertor from Kotaku paid a visit to the Burbank store and discovered that campers, who’d shown up more than a week early, had been kicked out of line. (h/t to Koga and Mark Englert).

TG Daily interviewed some of the suckers before they left, and provides some video where where one manchild explains that he’d quit his job just to be there.

Mark Liu at CBS2 got his hands on a PS3 and has the video to prove it. Damn legitimate journalists!

The Playstation Experience Truck will roll through Los Angeles from November 16th thru the 19th. On Thursday, the rolling arcade will be at the West Hollywood Best Buy, and then park at the West LA Best Buy (13301 W. Pico Blvd.)  Friday til Sunday. Inside is a bank of playable PS3s and PS2s, complete with Hi-Def TVs, and stations to download content to your PSP. So exciting it makes one need to PP! (source:

The Universal City Walk Gamestop will host an official Nintendo Wii launch event at midnight November 18th/19th that “will feature live music and entertainment, fun, games, special guests from Nintendo – and a countdown to the moment that will change the way video games are played forever.” (source:

If you want your chance to watch people fight for their chance to just play a Wii at a Gamestop, the following area Westfield Mall locations will have playable Wii kiosks beginning the Wednesday: Santa Anita, Topanga, Plaza Camino Real, and Fox Hills.

On a side note – if the price, the line, or both don’t interest you, the rumor on the internets is that last year’s hot console release, the XBox 360, will begin selling for $99 on sometime this week… some argue that Sony’s PS3 remains inferior to Microsoft’s machine. (h/t Hoopkidups at Digg)

Metblog Flashback: Last May, Koga brought us his own sneak peek of the Wii from E3.

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3 thoughts on “The Manchildren Are Coming! The Manchildren Are Coming!”

  1. I don’t know if they all have them, but the EB Games at West Hollywood Gateway had a playble Wii demo station when I was there on Saturday.

    Also, everybody’s going to say I’m being oversensitive, but I’m not too keen on the “manchildren” thing. As a commentary on the irresponsibility of quitting your job to stand in line for anything, I can support it. But I have a feeling it’s more about them being grown men that play video games and the fact that people continue to perpetuate a sterotype that video games are for kids is a huge pet peeve of mine.

  2. 5k, I’m also a manchild. I’d take offense to the term if there weren’t so many of us. Most adult males I know play games as well, whether its online games, video consoles, or even fantasy football. We’re a generation of manchildren.
    The term makes me laugh, more than anything else.

  3. I played Wii and PS3 today at the WeHo Gateway. I can’t wait for the Wii, that PS3 is HUGE and I didn’t notice big leap in graphics or playability.

    I think that Xbox360 rumor is some kind of ploy by Sony, who recently failed to sell out their 100,000 launch units in Japan, whoops! I’m sure they’ll do better in the US… I wouldn’t mind snatch up an Xbox for 100 bucks though, if for nothing else then to use it as an HD-DVD player with the new attachment.

    And as someone who’s played video games my whole life, “manchild” is by far the LEAST offensive term I’ve heard…

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