What You Say!!

whatyousay.gifHow are you gentleman? And gentlewoman of curse. It’s time for another installment of you favorite weekly series of posts highlighting whatever the crap you are talking about in the comments. Please hold your excitement until afterwards. Here’s the top 5 most active comment threads from this week:

  • A New LAPD Beating Video? – Expect to hear a lot more about this one over the next few weeks or longer. This was our first post about new video that surfaced. While we’ve made several more with updates since this one is where the bulk of the back and forth is going on. As usual the choirs of “he deserved it” and “lock those cops up!” are chiming in and battle lines are being drawn. I think the important thing to keep in mind with all of this is Law Enforcement is there to keep order, but they have to follow the laws like everyone else. If once and a while something like this has to come up for that discussion to stay fresh on people’s minds that is an important thing to have happen.
  • Vietnamese in Atwater Village – A cool little restaurant review by Annika leads to all kind of suggestions for other options and budgets. Pass the Pho.
  • Dear Vista, Why Can’t You Be More Arclight? – ZOMG! The people who don’t like Arclight really really really don’t like Arclight. And the people who love the Vista really really really love it. And never the twain shall meet.
  • Silver Lake Poll Report – I voted. You voted. Everyone voted. They are voters. All of them! All of them voters!
  • The View From Here: Some Observatory Observations – Will Campbell observes some observations at the observatory. Readers observe his observations and kick in a few of their own. Obviously.