Jesus Tells Me How To Get My Playstation 3 (and Wii) on where you can (and can’t) buy a PS3 or Wii in Los Angeles

UPDATE (4:00pm): The Burbank Best Buy already has a line for the 11/17 PS3 launch… details after the jump.

I went to the West Hollywood Best Buy earlier today to find out how I could buy a Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii. Inside, waiting to answer my questions, was Jesus. Granted, I think this was actually the phonetically spelled “HAY-zeus”, and not the OC (Original Christian) “GEE-zuss”… and he was wearing a blue polo shirt, and no robes… but he still gave me The Word:

  • At midnight November 17th, doors will open and Playstation 3s will be sold, first come, first serve,  (thats just after 11:59pm, Nov. 16th, to be clear).
  • He won’t know exactly how many PS3s will be available, nor the ratio between 20gig or 60gig models, for a few more days… but he’s guessing about 60 or so.
  • They won’t allow manchildren to camp out or lineup until 24 hours before doors open.
  • At 9pm on Nov. 16th, three hours before the PS3s go on sale, the West Hollywood Best Buy will have a launch party that will close off Romaine between LaBrea and N. Formosa.
  • The Wii on sale date of November 19th will have less fanfare, with no events scheduled, although Best Buy will open at 9am, one hour earlier than usual to accomodate the rush.

Next door, EB Games is done taking preorders for both the PS3 and Wii. There’s a chance they may have some Wiis to sell on opening day, but very unlikely. As for PS3s… they won’t have more to sell until 2007. He suggested trying someplace else, like Target or the aforementioned Best Buy, or anywhere else that doesn’t take preorders. But I don’t know if Jesus works there, so you’ll have to take on faith.

On the Circuit City side, their Torrance location also plans to have units up for sale at midnight. Their website promises they’ll have 100 units available, but, like the Best Buy event,  you’ll need to get in line early. (for anyone who shows up late, they’ll be raffling off five FREE PS3s).

Anyone out there already have a preorder in? Any suckers try and preorder via eBay? And, more importantly, any other manchildren planning on camping out to get their paws on a PS3 or Wii?

UPDATE (4:00pm): A poster at Cheap Ass Gamer brings news that the Burbank Best Buy has had a line of people since Monday for the PS3 launch. OneWingedAngel writes that he saw seven people, and provides photographic evidence:

A few people made some funny remarks. One guy is like, “I hope you guys brought enough food!” Another one said, “Where is the line for PS4? Is it on the other side?”

(thanks for the tip, Koga!)

(photo by jjackowski of the line waiting for the XBox360 release)

10 thoughts on “Jesus Tells Me How To Get My Playstation 3 (and Wii)”

  1. “Let me tell you something, bendejo.
    You pull any of your crazy Wii with us, you flash a controller out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and press the fucking X button ’til it goes *click*.”

  2. HA HA HA!!!

    you rock, stu mark.

    my brother already has a wii pre-ordered and he’s bringing it down to LA for thanksgiving for myself and my friends to all play with. Woo hoo!

    me, I’m waiting for the PS3 to come out so that the PS2 comes down in price and I can finally buy it ;)

  3. I worked in Mexico City this summer and my team had a regular driver. His name was Jesus. I had Jesus on my cell phone speed dial. Oh yes I did.

    And thank you Stu Mark for the reminder–Nobody F***s with the Jesus.

  4. I have a Wii pre-order ready to go, no more lines for me.

    As far as I know, each Best buy will be getting at least 20 PS3s per store, that’s 20 of each version, mind you, so, 40, really… with some of the bigger stores getting as many as 100-200 total. Sony and BB are partners so BB is getting the bulk of the shipments.

    I’d be more excited about the PS3 but I’ve been unimpressed by Blu-Ray, which ought to be the superior HD format but has been mis-handled. I already have a PC for my FPS fix, and it has the far superior mouse/keyboard control setup vs. the awkward analog control that Nintendo spear-headed 10 years ago.

    I’ll go with the the Wii… it’ll be like a sneak preview of what the new Xbox and Ps3 controls will be like after motion control becomes the new standard.

    So are you gonna brave that line, Markland? You can always give me a call and I’ll drop you off a sandwich or something.

  5. …and yet not one seems to point out the absurdity (man, I am using that word a lot lately) of camping out to buy a high-price toy.

    Do the advertisers and manufacturers really have people wrapped around their finger that much?

    Isn’t there something more productive people could be doing with their time?

    Will I ever learn to stop asking so many rhetorical questions?

    Hrrmph! All I know is I won’t be camping out in anyone’s parking lot any time soon.

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