Nail Biter: Waiting for Local Proposition Results…

For a moment I thought Prop R had passed in a landslide, with 60.33% voting Yes on the bill that would encourage our city council to lie whenever they want the public’s support…

Alas, this number only comes from one of 5028 precincts reporting… alas, while not a good sign, its really too scant many details to make an accurate prediction…

I’m using the LA Times as my source… if anyone has a better, more frequently updated source, please drop it in the comments…

UPDATE – 11:05PM

93 precincts now listed as having reported in results… still holding at just above 60% with a Yes… I wonder how many of these people voted on this thinking term limits were never in place, as suggested by the League of Women Voters?

UPDATE – 12:00AM

Ugh. I must concede defeat! With 367 precincts reporting, the numbers supporting Prop R have barely changed, now at 59%.

In other news, Measure H, the housing bill, also passed, currently, 58% of voters going with a Yes vote. (Mayor Sam points out this bill would have needed 66% to pass… so it appears to hav failed)

One thought on “Nail Biter: Waiting for Local Proposition Results…”

  1. Whatever else happens, LA, along with the rest of the state, has dodged a major, major bullet in the form of the ghastly Proposition 90, which has gone down to a well-deserved (but frighteningly narrow) defeat.

    And the bitterly funny (I don’t want to pull an Alanis and call it ironic when it isn’t) thing about it is that it failed because of…developer greed. To wit: the wealthy developer whose idea this was just couldn’t stop at protecting Mom and Pop from having their old house or luggage shop seized and handed over to some politically connected developer. If that was all Prop 90 had done, it would have passed by a handy margin, and many if not most of Metroblogging LA’s readers (including me) would have been enthusiastic supporters.

    But no, he just had to include a list of developer/landlord wet dreams so reprehensible that even the various Chambers of Commerce couldn’t endorse the stupid initiative in good conscience.

    So we in LA are still stuck with having to watch the CRA grab property at will and hand it over to their friends for yuppification. The consolation prize being that it could have been much, much worse.

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