How To Extend Halloween Through November no attention to the pumpkin patches morphing into Christmas tree lots! There’s no reason the Halloween season needs to come to an end so soon, especially here in Los Angeles (we’re the goth capital, after all!)…

Here’s a clawfull of ways to suck a few more weeks out of Halloween…

headstone.gifVisit the 1/2 off Halloween decoration sales at Ahhhs! and other local retailers. Install immediately.

headstone.gifEat some gummy brains while you go see Night of the Living Dead 3D, opening November 10th. This remake premiered at the 3D Film Fest held at the Egyptian a few months ago.

headstone.gifTake extensive inventory of your trick or treating booty! Plug this all into Excel, cross referencing with addresses so you can remember which houses gave out the best candy. Freeze the snack sized Snickers, immediately eat the peanut butter cups, and hunt down and maim anyone who gave out popcorn balls.

headstone.gifGet tickets for a premiere screening of Gris Grimly’s short film, Cannibal Flesh Riot, on November 15th or 16th at the Silent Movie Theatre. (But first, meet Gris and have him sign a copy of his newest book (with text by Laura Leuck), Santa Claws,  at Dark Delicacies on November 11th at 2pm).

headstone.gifMake a weekend of watching all new horror films at with national mini-horror film festival 8 Films to Die For, hitting LA screens from November 17th through the 19th. Also known as the After Dark Horror Fest, local theatres include Burbanks Media Center, Manns Culver, and the Mann Chinese. You can also still vote on Miss HorrorFest (the Elvira-esh hostess of the fest, I guess), but first take a peek at the four finalist videos that were shot around LA (I have the hots for local babe Black Betty).

headstone.gifVisit Panpipes in Hollywood or Rosemary’s Billygoat in Los Feliz and have them teach you how to do a spell or two.

headstone.gifKeep up with horror films screening around L.A. with the Film Radar Horror Fan newsletter!  Karie Bible just spun off this spooktacular mailing list from her invaluable Film Radar mailing list. This one “contains articles, DVD picks, free screenings and repertory & revival listings. It covers horror films from the silent era to the present day….of all budgets.” To subscribe to FilmRadar Horror Fan or the regular FilmRadar mailing list visit their site.

headstone.gifIf you must venture into the O.C., the Haunted Mansion Holiday continues at Disneyland through Christmas, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is always screamworthy at California Adventure.

headstone.gifSearch Flickr for pics of Halloween in Los Angeles.

headstone.gifWatch the KTLA report on the Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group this Saturday night at 10pm (or catch it on YouTube now!). Introduced by the ghoulish Hal Fishman.

Please leave additional suggestions, as well as you aforemention candy inventory, in the comments.

(photo by incendiarymind via Flickr)

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