Griffith Observatory Ribbon Cutting : Photos & Podcast

LaBonge and Villaraigosa

Yesterday the Griffith Observatory was officially re-opened and I attended the ceremony. I recorded audio which you can listen to here [18MB mp3] and I also took some photos, as you can see above, plus there are more after the jump. Tom LaBonge took a photo, of which I took a metaphoto:

Tom LaBonge metaphoto

Update: Xeni was there too and she took some great videos, shot some photos and wrote about it on BoingBoing. I am going back today with my wife, I can’t wait to see the planetarium show.

Dario Frommer

Villaraigosa and LaBonge

Mukri, Schiff, Villaraigosa

Villaraigosa and LaBonge ribbon cut

Leonard Nimoy and MAV

The full album can be found here.

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