Another Pumpkin Patch of Posts’t forget – silly string is banned in Hollywood beginning midnight tonite and ending at noon on Wednesday!

Brian Humphrey at the LAFD Blog reminds us of Halloween safety tips

And from the crypt…

pumpkinsm1.gifLooking for creepy happenings in your ‘hood? Wil has some tips on how to find them.

pumpsm2.gifWhat should Heathervescent be for Halloween? Help her narrow down the choices.

pumpkinsm1.gifJoz drops the news of a shopping cart dropping on a supermarket employee in a Halloween prank gone wrong.

pumpsm2.gifJillian reports that, in spite of our beaches and concentration of tanning salons, Los Angeles has been voted the #1 city for goths.

pumpkinsm1.gifI get a brief interview and share some cannibal flesh with macabre artist/filmmaker Gris Grimley.

pumpsm2.gifAnnika stopped bitchin’ and did some witchin’ with the Farmers Market Stitch ‘n Bitch cabel.

pumpkinsm1.gifWill brings a candy sack full of photos from the Dia De Los Muertos Festival at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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(photo by P.S.Zollo via Flickr)

Where would you photograph LA?

John from Boston, who reads my blog, will be in town next week to attend a conference at the convention center. He asked me in e-mail where I would recommend taking photos in non-touristy areas of Los Angeles.

I immediately thought of places like Echo Mountain, the Venice Boardwalk and the Jewelry District, but I’m sure there are places that I’ve overlooked.

So, readers and contributors: where would you photograph Los Angeles, if you had a limited amount of time, and wanted to take home some unique and representative shots of our fair city, where would you go?

Santa Monica Election Ads Turn Crooked

I’ve often wondered how the luxury hotels in Santa Monica handle having so many homeless people in the immediate neighborhood. Shutters has a reputation as one of the first independent luxury hotels in the United States – how does that image fit with the dozen-odd homeless people, cocooned in blankets, sleeping in the park above the hotel?

It turns out that the hotels in Santa Monica are choosing to take the matter into their own hands, by influencing the upcoming election. The Edward Thomas group, owner of Shutters on the Beach and Casa del Mar, has funded a series of political ads attacking councilman Kevin McKeown for not doing more to solve the homeless problem. The commercials, written and produced by someone to lazy to even come up with statistics to skew, claim that “visibly…the homeless population has at least tripled [in the last four years]” And even though that particular commercial has been pulled, the L.A. Times’ Steve Lopez still covered it last week.
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Do You Sense a Disturbance In the Force? go on sale today at noon for Star Wars Celebration IV, the ultimate fan convention invading the Los Convention Center from May 24-28, 2007, featuring:

…live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film and video presentations, an exhibit of movie props and costumes, exclusive merchandise sold at a 24-hour-a-day store, pop culture tributes, immersive events, costume contests, and scores of additional activities.

Tickets start at $40 for a single day adult pass to $110 for four days. Previous coverage here.

(h/t… photo by BinaryLA via Flickr) getting out of the house

noswimmin.jpgIn five months as a mother, I’ve discovered that most days it’s easier to not leave the house. Not because going places with a baby is hard – most places are pretty easy to bring Sam along – but because I have very few commitments outside my home and it’s hard to think of unnecessary things to do with him. It is especially difficult on a budget of $0 (for instance, I keep meaning to check out the Monday Morning Mommy Movie at the Grove but only think of it on weeks with no bank balance).

Last week we finally took advantage of our zoo membership (one year is $55 for a couple, children under 2 free) and brought Sammy to see the animals. He was relatively unimpressed, but we got outside in the fresh air and got some exercise while spending time together, so I cannot complain. The zoo has loads of things for older children – a petting area, the nursery, information about every animal, and educational programs to boot.

Also, they have alligators:


Yes, that’s real. I wish I’d had something for scale, but the baby refused to climb down into the habitat. I assure you, it was enormous.

More pictures follow the cut.
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The XXXorcist

xxxorcist_press_2.jpgOh yes, this is exactly what you think it is. An adult parody of The Exorcist and it’s making it’s theatrical debut right here in LA. According to the website for the file (which is SUPER NSFW so don’t click if it’ll get you fired):

In The XXXorcist, after all other exorcism methods fail, Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol) has no other option but to screw the hell (and the devil) out of a possessed woman, Regan Teresa MacFeel (Joanna Angel). Her Mother, Mrs. MacFeel (Kylee Kross) looks on helplessly until she succumbs to the evil and becomes possessed as well. Father Merkin is forced to fight for his life…with his genitals.

Thats right, he’s fighting for his life, with his genitals. At this point you’ve either stopped reading or can’t wait for the premier details, so here they are:

Tuesday, October 31st at 9:30pm – Los Angeles, CA

The XXXorcist LA Premiere

Dragonfly – 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

21 +, No Cover, Costume Contest – $300 Prize

Rediscovering West Hollywood

carwash.jpgWhen I moved to LA almost five years ago, it was to live with my boyfriend (now my husband) who’d come out west ahead of me. He was living in a studio in West Hollywood. It was a crappy little place with no stove (seriously, no stove) and we somehow managed to live in it for another eight months without killing each other. Yeah, the apartment stank. Sadly, it wasn’t my worst apartment, but that’s a story for another blog as that apartment was in Chicago. On the plus side, the neighborhood rocked. We were literally around the corner from Barney’s Beanery. There was great Italian in every direction, stuff to do at night if you were so inclined (we usually weren’t, and the Sunset Strip gives me hives, so the location wasn’t perfect), and the best Thai carryout in Los Angeles: Sammy’s Thai BBQ.

So, I had to wash my car. It wasn’t just dirty. It was greasy. It was grey. (My car is red.) I couldn’t see through the windshield after dark. A coin-op car wash wasn’t going to cut it, so I went to the best full-service car wash I know of: Santa Palm Hand Wash on Santa Monica. Yes, I paid $22 to get my car cleaned. Yes, I am aware of how much less I could get it done for. But my car is so clean.

After the car was clean, we drove east and stopped at Sammy’s for curry. My Sammy (the baby) was very popular with the two ladies who were working. One spoke no English and the other even less, and my order wasn’t quite right, but the food is so amazing that I didn’t care at all that I got red curry with veggies instead of yellow curry with tofu. And we got to meet the Sammy, as the ladies could not work the credit card machine. (Lest this sound like the most untogether food place in all of LA, it was an off-hour and it took Sammy only three minutes to get there when he was summoned. And I did point at the menu when ordering, which probably led to the curry mix-up.)

I’ve had it with K-town. If we can ever afford to move, I’m thinking about WeHo.

More Andrew Ward tonight, you last-minute types: one of my favorite photojournalists, Andrew Ward (see here), has another collection of his newest photographs opening tonight.

This one is at Brenart Cafe in Pasadena, and features more of the most excellent shots Andrew took on his last trip to Southeast Asia. (Click to biggify, but really, no online JPEG can do these justice.) Link to Andrew’s bio on the Brenart site.

Andrew Ward | Indochine
Oct 28 – Nov 17 (opening tonight, 6:30 – 9pm)
Brenart Cafe & Gallery
53 E. Union St, Pasadena, 91103
(626) 796-7460

Please Don’t Smell the Water

I’ve always felt that my water should look clear, smell like air and taste like…..well, water. Maybe then there is a modicum of believing it won’t kill you.
Last night as I was washing my face, I couldn’t believe how STRONG the smell of chlorine was on my skin. I thought maybe I’d imbibed too much at dinner and was overly sensitive. This morning, there was no mistake, somehow the water out of the taps in Hollywood is like a clorox bottle. Then at the gym, once again, as I walked by someone taking a shower, there it was again, that unmistakably strong chlorine odor. I tried the Dept of Water and Power, but no clues there. I have to call back Monday. Does anybody else notice this? I wonder what gives? It makes me think that whatever is swimming around in our water supply has to be REALLY bad for them to add this much chlorine!

Set Your Clocks Back Tonite – Get A Bonus Hour of Sleep! the best night of the year tonite, as everyone in an area that recognizes Daylight Savings Time gets to stay up an extra hour, or get up an hour later, and drag that hour hand back one hour. Officially, this happens at 2am Sunday morning, when the time magically becomes 1am.

Halloween Will Be a Little Brighter Next Year

Daylight Savings Time has traditionally ended on the last Sunday of October, but some pansies in Congress (cough, Republicans, cough) decided that extending DST to the first Sunday of November would allow trick-or-treaters one extra hour of daylight in what is known as the “Halloween Safety Act.” Part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the new dates for observing Daylight Savings Time begins next year.

Part of the Halloween magic for me has always been that it always got darker just before the holiday – alas, no more. More importantly, isn’t part of the Halloween fun the novelty of being able to go knock on your neighbors door and extort them for candy, after dark?

(photo taken at Elsie’s Watch Repair by nailmaker via Flickr)

Stitch ‘n Witch!


Last night was the Stitch ‘n Bitch Hallowe’en party at the Farmers Market. My pictures all came out terrible, so be sure to check out Ellen Bloom’s blog for a full account. It was a great time, as is every Thursday night with the girls (and guys) of the West Hollywood Stitch ‘n Bitch. If you knit or crochet, or want to learn, drop by. We don’t always wear costumes. Just whenever we find an excuse.