West Hollywood Halloween Antics

Okay, so I am a bit Scroogish when it comes to Halloween Festivities…. but I DO like to party. So tonight, as many Halloween nights before, I will most likely join the 50,000 or so other Angelenos and walk along Santa Monica Blvd to enjoy the freaky, sometimes scary sights. I guarantee you, I will see something that blows my mind. Now… what to wear… what to wear…. cuz you don’t even want to THINK about showing up for this party without a costume!!! Check here for details.
UPDATE: I got it wrong: 500,000 reveler’s are expected to show up! Yikes!!!!

5 thoughts on “West Hollywood Halloween Antics”

  1. I think you better tack another “0” on that attendance figure. WeHo will be hosting half a million people tonight. That should be enuff to frighten any goblin — or drag queen (neither of which frighten easily!).

  2. OMG!!!! You’re right, I just checked and they expect 500,000!!!! I’ll change it now! I guess I couldn’t fathom that.

  3. I’m just glad you know not to show up without a costume! Its so irritating how many people are there not in costume! We determined last night it would be far less crowded and much more fun if the non-costume folks stayed home and watched it on the news. Oh well. Hope you had as much fun as we did!!!

  4. Yeah Dave…. it’s really no fun unless you do something festive with your ‘look’. You can’t really join in on the party! I did have fun…. as usual. Loved all the Marie Antoinette look-a-likes!

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