The Ultimate Los Angeles Trick or Treat Guide! horrors! I may be setting the bar high by calling this “the ultimate” guide to trick or treating in Los Angeles, but the higher the bar, the less chance of decapitation, right?

Here’s a few ideas of where to terrify the kids this evening…

The House at Haunted Hill – 4400 Saltillo Street, Woodland Hills
Since the demise of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds, the House on Haunted Hill is considered by some to be the best frontyard haunt in all of Los Angeles. They eagerly invite trick or treaters to pay a visit, and so far no children have been reported missing after knocking on their door.

The Nightmare on Elm Street House – 1428 N. Genesee, Los Angeles
One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… no, wait – that’s a realtor! I’m not sure if this home is occupied or not, as it’s up for sale, but all the better reason to ring the bell and see who, or what, might open the door.

Site of the Michael Myers killing spree – 1537 Orange Grove, Hollywood
To clarify, the site of his first killing spree. For locations of his other stab fests, click here.

Black Dahlia Crime Scene –  Norton Ave. at Coliseum Dr., Leimart Park
While I won’t give a specific street address (thats what Google is for), what could be creepier than trick or treating on the same ground that Elizabeth Short’s killer carefully arranged her severed body nearly sixty years ago?

Dan Ackroyd’s haunted house – 7708 Woodrow Wilson Dr., Hollywood Hills
This home reportedly inspired Ackroyd to write Ghostbusters after witnessing assorted types of supernatural activity.

Toluca Lake – Burbank, CA (no specific address)
Word among the locals is that the high concentration of working class industry types make this the best suburb to trick or treat in, claws down. Elaborate yard displays, “the good” candy (as if there’s any other), and the close proximity of houses makes it tempting to go undercover even for a middle aged haunter like myself.

The Witch’s House – 516 N. Walden Dr., Beverly Hills
Straight out of every child’s nightmare is this former film set turned home that is appropriately out of place amidst starchy mansions of Beverly Hills.

Glenn Danzig’s Haunted House – Los Feliz (no address available – if you know, please share in the comments)
Couldn’t find an address for this decrepit creepy house, but I did discover that it has its own MySpace. Home reportedly slated for destruction by Mr. T.

Acker Mini-Mansion – 4511 Russel Ave, Los Angeles
Trick or treat at the home of a true monster legend!  Forrest J. Ackerman, renowned collector of monster movie memorablia and editor/creator of  Famous Monsters of Filmland invites little creeps to visit for razor free candy (or maybe that was free candy razors?).

Mommie Dearest home – 426 N. Bristol Dr., Brentwood
If the kids are acting up, pull up to this address and threaten to drop them off. This is indeed where Joan Crawford once disciplined little Christina with a wire hangar.

(photo by AirportMatt via Flickr)

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Los Angeles Trick or Treat Guide!”

  1. Danzig’s house is on Franklin, south side of the street, halfway between Vermont and Hillhurst.

  2. Danzig’s house is on Franklin, south side of the street, halfway between Vermont and Hillhurst.

    Specifically, it’s where Rodney hits Franklin. It’s got a black wrought iron fence and a big pile of bricks out front. You can’t miss it.

    If he’s moved, it has to have happened pretty recently. I drove past it not too long ago and his black jag was still parked out front.

  3. Ok this house is on franklin just east of Hillhurst, west of Vermont. I recognize that Jaguar anywhere…I dont remeber the address, but I can find it…It is just to the east of where rodeny drive ends at franklin in Los feliz

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