The Rest Of My Office Is Lame

In my office today, the Internet department has the highest concentration of people in costumes. There are six people dressed up in here – and three people dressed up in the entire rest of the company. Of course, this is because we have a reputation for being crazy Internet people, but still! Where is everyone’s Hallowe’en spirit??

So this leads me to ask – how many of you out there have offices that dressed up for Hallowe’en? Did anyone get encouraged to wear costumes? Did anyone’s office issue policies for costumes – exposed skin limits, size restrictions (Transformers tend to knock stuff over), any sort of guidelines? Are there any offices that made it a policy like Wacky Tie Day, which is to say, you don’t have to express yourself, unless you want to look like you’re not part of the team?

And, most importantly, does anyone have someone in a REALLY cool costume in their office? We’ve got a Cruella de Vil here who has a fantastic costume in her own right, but it becomes exceptionally awesome because she’s also wearing dalmatian-spotted roller skates.

I’m sitting at my desk wearing a Red Riding Hood cape over a tank top and jeans, which is a perfectly acceptable level of dress up. I refrained from wearing my entire costume into the office, because it involves a very short dress. But I’ll put that on at the end of the day, just before I head out to the WeHo Parade. If anyone’s looking for me up there, I’ll be the goth Red Riding Hood (“Little Dead Riding Hood”) wandering around with the Victorian era undertaker. In the meantime, I’ll be working with my hood up for the rest of the day, so I can hide my illicit headphones and listen to the new Cruxshadows album while working.

2 thoughts on “The Rest Of My Office Is Lame”

  1. i’m at a small animation studio, so of course they told us if we -didn’t- come into work dressed up, we’d all be fired. We have a pretty decent turnout, considering- maybe about 20 of us out of 35 are dressed up? Definately more girls than guys dressed up.

    I’m sitting here working in my kick-ass valkryie outfit. It was fun walking to lunch, though! Got to stop traffic on santa monica ;)

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