Metrohaunting L.A. is too scary for you, here’s some Halloween happenings elsewhere on the Metroblogging network.

Liz Henry snapped this pic of a hearse with antlers attached to the hood and a coffin on the roof for Metroblogging San Francisco.

In our nation’s capital, Michael beats down some drunkards while dressed as a zombie (and a little drunk himself).

“Does any city do Halloween better that Montreal?” Metroblogging Montreal’s Lisa Hunter doesn’t think so… alas, I have to give it to the Canadians that I agree with their holiday view: “Most other places, Halloween is just an excuse to dress up… What’s been lost amidst all the candy and fairy princess costumes is the idea that Halloween should be genuinely scary.”

Metroblogging Montreal’s Laiya reminisces about past Halloweens. Simpson reviews a B-movie Ghost Train attraction in Vancouver.

Detroit’s Rickus Rakkus shares his thoughts on the scariest movie he ever saw.

Craig Giesecke at Metroblogging New Orlean’s comments on an already legendary Halloween murder/suicide that only took place less than a month ago (if you’re squeamish, you want want to read about severing body parts and trying to cook them).

As proud as Metroblogging Orange County is of the Halloween enhancements at Disneyland, they show a little jealousy at what Disneyland Paris has to offer.

Banana Lee Fishbones at Metroblogging Portland reports on something called Trick or Voting, and then rounds up some pumpkin carving suggestions.

Christian Dominquez screams about Carpet Beetles that are eating Sacramento!

Houston Cops become Ghostbusters in a new Court TV series as reviewed by Luke Gilman.

Chris in DC writes, “Nothing captures the true spirit of Halloween more than a giant burrito!” And reports that local Chipotle restaurants are giving away free burritos to anyone who walks in dressed like one.

And Banana Lee provides a monster mash of Halloween posting treats from Portland.

(nightmare inducing photo by Mike Maguire in Washington DC)