Where To See Borat?

So I am somewhat saddened by the fact that the Borat movie won’t be showing at my favorite theater, the Arclight, boo! I am further saddened by the possibility that I may have to drive to Santa Monica or Paramount to catch the flick on opening night. Anybody know where else this movie will be showing in LA, preferably somewhere near Downtown? Also here is what the Arclight sent me when I asked them about the movie:

We appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty to ArcLight. Unfortunately, we
will not be showing the “Borat Movie” while we wish we could showcase every
film that excites our guests, we find ourselves restricted from time to
time. The movie theater business works in what are referred to as
“Competitive Zones.” These are geographical areas determined by population
and theater location, to prevent the theaters from monopolizing or
overloading a certain area with a certain movie. It actually works in favor
of theater companies and theater guests in the long run. Hollywood is a
prime example of a competitive zone. Only one theatre in our geographical
area may have a film at any particular time. At ArcLight Hollywood we work
hard to obtain the major studio’s product while balancing that with
independent and limited releases that we know our Guests enjoy so much.

Grumble, grumble, unassigned seats, grumble grumble, cell phones, grumble grumble talking during the movie… =[

Update I am guessing this has something to do with Fox cutting the number of showing locations by nearly two thirds from 2000 to 800 and then expanding it the next weekend. The Times has an article about the release, I think they coined the term for Borat’s bathing suit, calling it a “neon green sling bikini.”

7 thoughts on “Where To See Borat?”

  1. What the fuck?

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for months?!?! (Yes, I know there’s been a ton of screenings, but I work, can’t go to any)

    So I’m excited about seeing it on Thursday night at midnight… but there aren’t ANY showings as of Monday at midnight.

    Nice job, Fox. You stupid fuckers.

  2. Interesting development. I think people behind borat want to generate a hype, therefore the number of theatres showing ths movie was limited. The movie is not so great as I heard from a real Kazach.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  3. I don’t mean to laugh at your pain Dave, but having to drive to Paramount to see it would be rich poetic justice for all of the times we here in southern LA County have had to drive to the Westside or Hollywood to see a movie in limited release. I’m a petty man.

  4. BP: No sexytime for the eecue.

    Fittentrim: No doubt, they’re pulling a small scale Idiocracy!

    MLP: Funny I’ve heard the exact opposite, although I’m not surprised that a person of Kazakstani descent disliked the movie.

    Evan: Word, I feel you on that one, but I would drive to OC for a movie… if the Arclight was in OC.

  5. I’ve seen it and it’s awesome.

    Apparently it’s been tracking poorly enough to scare Fox away from doing a wide release and appearing to fail. They’re gambling on a slow build, which is rare these days, but if if they’re gonna gamble on ANY movie this year, this is the one to do it with.

    I’ve seen it for free and now I can’t wait to PAY to see the thing again, at least twice.

  6. I was ready to go until I saw the bit on Saturday Night Live that he did. I’m sorry, but is the movie going to be 2 hours of pubic hair jokes? Totally turned me off.


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