Printing The Legend…

I’d heard the ghost stories and long thought they were just that: stories. But now the L.A. Times has me soooo wanting to go check out what seems to be some genuine Griffith Park ghoulies:

[click screencap to biggify or go read it all]

11 thoughts on “Printing The Legend…”

  1. Will-
    Great post! When i saw it was written by Norma Bates AND that it mentions Bureau of Street Services tree trimmers in the Park (which has its own forestry crews), I knew this would be an interesting read. Thanks for posting.

    You should see the crushed trashcan that’s up near the entrance to the former Toyon Landfill. The ghosts got it, too!

  2. great post! i bought it until i viewed the photos. Art Banksy, then Norm Bates, and that none of the links other than those relating to the story, were active. my hats off to you! great campfire tale~

  3. Thanks Nerd and John! Yeah, not only are there hints sprinkled throughout the piece but I wasn’t too liberal with my factual accuracy either. Didn’t wanna waste too much time on the endeavor. But John, I’m curious as to what links you’re talking about. I painstakingly hottened all the stuff at the top and down the left column.

    Oh, and longer time readers might recall my first “Tirnes” piece:


  4. Nicely done. I didn’t notice the “tirnes” and walked right into it. Scared the crap out of me. “If this is in the Times, all this stuff must have been corroborated by multiple sources…” etc.

  5. That’s all well and good. And uh, scary. But man, I’m gonna win that Casio Super Slim I tell you!

  6. will,
    the links i was referring to are on the right side: ‘more california news, most emailed, etc.’ kudos nonetheless! great imagination

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