The XXXorcist

xxxorcist_press_2.jpgOh yes, this is exactly what you think it is. An adult parody of The Exorcist and it’s making it’s theatrical debut right here in LA. According to the website for the file (which is SUPER NSFW so don’t click if it’ll get you fired):

In The XXXorcist, after all other exorcism methods fail, Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol) has no other option but to screw the hell (and the devil) out of a possessed woman, Regan Teresa MacFeel (Joanna Angel). Her Mother, Mrs. MacFeel (Kylee Kross) looks on helplessly until she succumbs to the evil and becomes possessed as well. Father Merkin is forced to fight for his life…with his genitals.

Thats right, he’s fighting for his life, with his genitals. At this point you’ve either stopped reading or can’t wait for the premier details, so here they are:

Tuesday, October 31st at 9:30pm – Los Angeles, CA

The XXXorcist LA Premiere

Dragonfly – 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

21 +, No Cover, Costume Contest – $300 Prize

7 thoughts on “The XXXorcist”

  1. That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, what the crap is happening to society? Why is sex the center of everything?

  2. Somehow a complaint about sex being the center of everything is hard to take seriously from someone with a bedding blog (“Marriott International rolls out new bedding” ???) as their URL….

  3. And the prophet George Michael spoke:

    “Sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does it but everybody should.”

    Well, maybe not everybody should. At least not without measures to prevent them from breeding…

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