Set Your Clocks Back Tonite – Get A Bonus Hour of Sleep! the best night of the year tonite, as everyone in an area that recognizes Daylight Savings Time gets to stay up an extra hour, or get up an hour later, and drag that hour hand back one hour. Officially, this happens at 2am Sunday morning, when the time magically becomes 1am.

Halloween Will Be a Little Brighter Next Year

Daylight Savings Time has traditionally ended on the last Sunday of October, but some pansies in Congress (cough, Republicans, cough) decided that extending DST to the first Sunday of November would allow trick-or-treaters one extra hour of daylight in what is known as the “Halloween Safety Act.” Part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the new dates for observing Daylight Savings Time begins next year.

Part of the Halloween magic for me has always been that it always got darker just before the holiday – alas, no more. More importantly, isn’t part of the Halloween fun the novelty of being able to go knock on your neighbors door and extort them for candy, after dark?

(photo taken at Elsie’s Watch Repair by nailmaker via Flickr)

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