Strategeric Paint-Out


In posting the above photo of a tag that’s long lived on a wall where the L.A. River Bikeway passes under the 5 Freeway I’m really not doing so to reignite the heated debate that developed in the engaging comment thread to Heather’s entry about the tagger-driving mom who got let off the hook last week. Neither am I here to admire or support the defacement (though I certainly can appreciate the sentiment it expresses about the sitting presididn’t).

Instead I put it up for the simple reason that I finally stopped and snapped a picture of it because every time I’ve biked past it either on my own or during the IAAL‚Ä¢MAF’s Wednesday river rides, I chuckle along with whoever the city employee was who put aside his or her impartiality to only partially paint out the “UCK” instead of the whole thing, thus sanitizing the statement while leaving it clearly intact.

2 thoughts on “Strategeric Paint-Out”

  1. I could have sworn in passing by this not so long ago, it stated in its entirety “FULL BUSH.” While the retro genital stylings are great for some, I prefer…well maybe this isn’t the forum for that.

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