Metro Late-Night Followup

goldline.jpgI wrote a post earlier this week on my wish for late-night Metro service. And, while writing it, emailed Metro customer service to ask – will we ever see late night service again?

Here’s the reply I just got now:

Ms. Tate,
Coincidental to your request, with the dynamic expansion in residential housing and the entertainment venues in the Downtown LA Area, consideration is already being given to expanded service. Currently, we are looking for
funding to move forward with expanded rail service.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Metro Customer Relations

Hey, how about that? I think it’s cool that I got a reply to start with, and better still that I may get my late-night train service after all. Maybe this is a good time to email Metro ([email protected]) and promise that you, and your $3 day pass, will come out and ride the trains when you go out on weekends, too. If it’s under consideration, I’m sure some community support couldn’t hurt.

2 thoughts on “Metro Late-Night Followup”

  1. great to see that response. probably also has something to do with the end of the consent decree. let’s hope they get the funding to make it happen!

  2. I would love to see it happen. A year ago, we took the Gold Line/Red Line/bus route from Pasadena to The Grove to watch a movie, not realizing that we wouldnt be able to get back home later that night. So we ended spending the night at a Denny’s. It was memorable, but late-night MTA service would be much better :)

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