Today’s Arclight Love Brought To You By Kathy

The only thing I love more than the Arclight is a good story about the Arclight, and Kathy’s post about going to see The Prestige is right up there with the best of them.

Chad and I got up from our seats in the Arclight Theater and headed toward the concession area. That’s when it happened. A light hand on my shoulder and a familiar voice,”You look like intelligent people. Can you explain the ending to me?”

We both turn and cast eyes upon Richard Simmons, looking more frail then usual but unmistakable. Without skipping a beat we launch into a explaination of the complicated mechanics of The Prestige’s ending. He nods a lot, smiling, “Ohhhhh… wow… I would never have gotten that. Thank you!”

2 thoughts on “Today’s Arclight Love Brought To You By Kathy”

  1. Classic. I used to see Richard Simmons at the old Galaxy theater on Hollywood all the time. He always seemed very friendly.

  2. His studio is right near the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market, and I end up walking past the door every Sunday after picking up the week’s veggies, eggs and bread. I like that he’ll answer the phone as much as anyone else in the place and seems to genuinely care about his employees and clients. After seeing him at work, I feel really bad about him being continually mocked by Jay Leno whenever he’s on the Tonight Show.

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