Sphere Ye! Sphere Ye!

One of my favorite nooks in my part of town is the courtyard of the Materials & Applications group on Silver Lake Boulevard below the reservoir. Since I’ve become aware of its projects, I’ve seen the space transformed with innovative and compelling endeavors titled Maximillian’s Schell and Here There Be Monsters. The current installation is Bubbles. It’s been up since the middle of last month but it was only last night that I stopped to snap some pix of the ethereal headturner.

From the M&A website:

The interactive installation is a spatially adaptable pneumatic environment at an urban scale. The installation consists of large air-bags or “bubbles” that inflate and deflate in reaction to visitors pushing or bumping the lower inflated volume of each pair. As visitors enter and move through the installation, they must navigate through the lightweight 8′ diameter spheres that fill the space. When the bubbles are bumped, sensors initiate a chaotic exchange of air between the spheres. When no visitors are present, the system returns to its stand-by state: the lower bubble in the pair refillls with air and awaits another interaction.

M&A is located at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard (map) and Bubbles is open for interactive exploration 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily until January 31, 2007.