Memories of Officer Landon Dorris

Earlier this week benhigh posted about an LAPD officer who had died after being hit by a car on Riverside Drive. He mentioned that the LAPD Blog was one of the first sources he checked for info about the accident. It turns out that Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre, who actually runs the LAPD Blog, previously worked directly with Officer Landon Dorris and yesterday posted his reflections of the times he shared with him. Lt. De La Torre writes:

“As supervisors we are expected to mentor, train and lead those entrusted to our care. However, sometimes we forget that we too can learn from those younger and less experienced. Landon left me with a lasting impression, which I will never forget and hope to pass on to my sons. Landon was a confident man in both his abilities and training. Reserved and quiet like the wind, but who could erupt for the preservation of peace. Many nights and early morning hours, Landon and I shared conversations about our profession, families, and friends. I came to understand that as a watch commander I was very fortunate to have Landon on our team and Northeast Area was all the wealthier.”