Los Angeles: Best City for Goths

Right in time for Hallowe’en, Gothic Beauty Magazine has announced that Los Angeles is the #1 city for goths in America. This was a decision made based on several factors. Los Angeles has the most goth club nights (between 20 and 23 a month) the most Lip Service retailers, and excellent alternative media and fashion scenes. L.A. was also the only city on the list to have activities such as goth-industrial roller skating and goth days at Disneyland.

So what does the goth scene have to offer for Hallowe’en? I checked out my favorite goth scene sites, DJ Xian’s LADead, and the newly resurrected Switchboard site, and came up with the following places to see and be seen, in costume or not, over the next few days. Of course, there’s the bands playing this weekend – KMFDM and Combichrist at the Henry Fonda tonight and tomorrow, and the Cramps at the House of Blues on Saturday – but if you just want to go dance in a club full of people in even more extreme costume than usual, here’s the goth club listing for Hallowe’en weekend:

Saturday, Android Lust are the live band at Bar Sinister, which promises to be a big night. Last year, the lines were an hour long by 11pm, so I advise getting there early, if possible.

Sunday is the Malediction Masque, the masked ball at Malediction Society. You could go to Blacklist at the Knitting Factory, but I like Malediction better – the club’s “darkwave decadence” is better suited to Hallowe’en.

Monday, Darkroom has been rolled back a night, as to not conflict with Hex Hollywood and the Hallowe’en festivities.

And Tuesday, Hallowe’en itself is the big event, Hex Hollywood, at Ivar. The website has the specifics and can describe it better than I can, because Hex is usually a mix of circus stunts, goth DJs, fetish areas and some of the most extreme, fascinating, exceptional costumes I’ve ever seen.

Those are the places I’ll be. If there are other goth events happening at this most festive time of year, please, post below. I’ll edit the post to include those as well.

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  1. I took my 11 year-old daughter to her first shopping experience at Hot Topic. My 14 year-old son came along, and while we were there, I mentioned that L.A. was a big city for Goth culture. I’m going to point them to this post when they get home from school. Thanks!

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