Cat’s out of the bag on this one

Anyone who lives in a city like LA has a few secrets that they hold dear to themselves knowing that if the rest of the population found out about them the value of the secret would quickly erode. I’m sure all of us have little hold backs like this about LA, something that we know about that makes our lives that much easier and we shudder to think what might happen if our neighbors found out about those conveniences. Well, Coop just totally screwed any of us who count the downtown AAA office as one of those secrets with by making a post called The DMV Is For Suckers!


In fact the DMV is for suckers, and as Coop points out the AAA Office at Fig and Adams is more than enough reason to purchase a membership. The building is fantastic, there is sorts of California history strewn about, and you don’t have to deal with any of the DMV hassles. Of course now I’m sure all the schmucks in line at the DMV will just move over to AAA but it was great while it lasted!

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  1. Part of the history of that awesome building is that the AAA had the clout to move a freeway. The 110 was originally charted to go along a path that would have forced the historic structure’s demolition as well as that of the nearby St. Vincent de Paul cathedral. But the AAA’s “Hell no we won’t go” (probably with more than a little help from the Los Angeles Archdiocese) resulted in the freeway being moved a block to the east.

  2. Never a line at the AAA office at the West Hollywood Gateway either. Plus, there’s a Daphne’s and BevMo too.

  3. Sean,

    You’re post mentions a genuine treasure of a building with an intriguing history. In fact, I was recently there on personal business, and the experience was superb – were it not for the obnoxiuos guy in the lobby demanding new plates for his black Hummer… ;)

    Stay Safe and Be Well,


  4. I love going to this AAA office. It’s the closest one to my workplace. This is the only reason I like to take care of my AAA business during the week instead of at my local home office on a weekend. This building is way cooler.

  5. no way, AAA sucks aaass. I cancelled my membership because I was sick of paying so much for a stupid magazine, crappy emergency roadside service for a vehicle I almost never use, (which is a new Toyota, so unlikely to even need it) maps I can get online, and a lame substitute for DMV service. Unlike the DMV, you can’t (or at least couldn’t when I was a member) make an appt, so you have to wait. Sure, it’s a pretty building, but so is my home, where I’d rather sit around doing nothing. And then, they don’t have full DMV services. Anything slightly weird, and it’s beyond their scope.

    I’ll stick to enjoying the exterior as I ride by or sit at the light.

    sorry, I just had to get that out.

  6. I dunno, I’ve gone into the Auto Club to register a pile of parts that was once a 1929 Model A, armed with nothing but a bill of sale and a VIN, and they were able to take care of it, no problem.

    It’s true you have to wait if there are people ahead of you, but it moves way faster than the DMV, and you can actually sit down in a nice little waiting area.

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